• How to Determine Database Access on AS/400

    I have a client running JDEdwards on an AS/400. How can I determine which of the users have direct access to modify the DB2 database (access to DB without going through the JDE application)? Is there a particular security profile they must have? Thanks in advance.

    DaCurryman5 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries Access for Web

    I just read the 'iSeries Access for Web tutorial' I followed the instructions and it seems that I was able to configure everything successfully. However when I try to access the URL I get a 'Error 404' Can someone please tell me what I may have done wrong.

    Mprice5 pointsBadges:
  • Cleaning up CSI – Commands

    The following question was recently submitted by a user via e-mail: As per normal processing, I have a CSI with PTFs that have been RECEIVED, APPLIED and ACCEPTED. There have been PTFs that have been RECEIVED a second time, after the ACCEPT has been processed. I want to get a listing of these...

    JennyMack4,280 pointsBadges:
  • CEERANO compiling

    Does CEERANO in RPGLE have to be compiled with any options like a special Activation Group or a Bound Service Program?

    Gmamoses5 pointsBadges:
  • random number

    Can anyone pos thet code in RPG 4 or logic to generate random number....?

    Harshaljg10 pointsBadges:
  • Where to sell salvage AS400?

    I have an AS400 model 600 (I believe, not looking at it right now). It was upgraded to V5R3 to transfer its data over to the AS400 800 we upgraded to at the time. It currently has no OS installed, and I am told that it would not be legal with the keys anyway as it is evidently 'not entitled' since...

    Koohiisan5,045 pointsBadges:
  • Is AS/400 journal time JOTIME accurate?

    I have three jobs that ran today and wrote records to the same file. JOTIME showed all 9 writes and 1 update @ 12:37:25 for job1. Job 2 with 5 writes at 2:38:00. Job 3 with 4 writes and an update all at 12:38:27. The program logic says that each job should have deleted the existing records then...

    philpl1jb54,090 pointsBadges:
  • SAP on iSeries

    Is anyone running SAP on iSeries? We're looking for some helpful information to include in our proposal.

    BillyMolintas85 pointsBadges:
  • Job QTOTNTP Running High CPU %

    I noticed a problem with a server job QTOTNTP running over 70 % CPU for several days on a test LPAR and was wondering if any anyone has seen this happen or what may have caused this job to run at high cpu % Thanks

    Security1770 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 printing sends file to HLD status every time

    Hi, When i m trying to print the file from as/400 printer it is going into held status. writer started,printer outq is in release mode,printer device is varried on and ip address of the printer is pingable but when trying to print the file is going to PND status after some time it is going into HLD...

    Rvakkala5 pointsBadges:
  • Max active jobs in a subsystem using an AS/400 command

    Can i find the max active jobs in a subsystem using an AS400 command

    JohnsonMumbai1,445 pointsBadges:
  • print to HP OfficeJet 7780

    We have an HP OfficeJet 7780 all-in-one that has been set up as a network printer for quite a while. We have been printing to it via Windows from several PCs with no problem. I am trying to set it up as a LAN printer on our AS400 (V6R1) with no luck. I have used IBM's suggested model - *HP520 -...

    MikeSchmidtPF15 pointsBadges:
  • about 2E ( AllFusion 2E) formly known as synon

    i need an ebook or nay kind of link for information for learning about t synon tool used on as/400 system. can you please help you can send me information at manavgeet@hotmail.com thanks in advance

    Manavgeet240 pointsBadges:
  • New Web Service Project

    Hi, Currently an iSeries job runs every 10 minutes where, at the back end, a file is read (more than 400 fields), a pipe delimited file is created and FTP'd to an outside location. Volume would normally be low but intermittently there could be a spike. I need to replace the FTP process with a...

    AL04285 pointsBadges:
  • FTP to AS/400 connection closed

    We switched from cable to Fios internet and FTP to 400 stopped working - getting "connection closed by remote host" - checked netstat and joblogs - what's wrong??

    JBarrows5 pointsBadges:
  • How to access AS400 during restricted state?

    After I've browsed internet, I almost felt it is only me, who's looking for answer to this. As I have one partition with only 2G memory and 0,1CPU saving 4T, I don't want to let it down for 11 hours - well, it is just backup system, so even if down, it causes no harm. But still...I would like to...

    Champs60 pointsBadges:

    Hi , am recieving the following error messages Message . . . . : Error occurred while calling program or procedure *LIBL/NBCUNQSN (C G D F). caused by the QZDASOINIT job. I presume this is a ODBC job that runs in QSERVER, any ideas as to what has to be done. The backup is running currently and this...

    harisudhan211,005 pointsBadges:
  • Unable to run Upgrade Assistant on AS/400 V3R2

    i'm 1st time taking up the task in CISC to RISC migration, with the following scenarios :- 1. i've tested Upgrade Assistant in a V3R2 model 300 machine at my workplace, and it's running fine, with spool file of the Upgrade Assistant generated. 2. However, my team mate at remote site was unable to...

    LifeHouse5 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 compile options

    Hi team.. I forgot how to do this... Where do i change the outq so that when I compile a pgm, the compile report goes to a sepcific outq? right now it defaults to PRT01.

    Svocal120 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries Access printing with Lexmark 2381 printer

    Hi We have a client using IBM Power 6 Server with Os/400 V5R4 using Iseries Acces version 6 to control a Lexmark 2381 printer contected to a P.C. The problem we are having is we are trying to print an 8 1/2 " form (51 lines) and the first form prints fine (Continuese forms) but at the end of the...

    Semd041970 pointsBadges:

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