• Simple CL

    Hi friends, Wy this simple CL not works ?     PGM DCL VAR(&MSGID) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(7)   LOOP: PING RMTSYS('XXX.XX.3.7') RCVMSG MSGID(&MSGID)     IF COND(&MSGID *EQ 'TCP3206') THEN(GOTO + CMDLBL(SEND)) SEND: SNDDST TYPE(*LMSG) TOINTNET((*NONE) + (myname@mysite.com)) DSTD('remote host + system...

    PutzGrilla810 pointsBadges:
  • client access for Iseries export

    I have exported data via excel but I can't seem to get a certain column (data not numeric) across. I have displayed my database file and it is there but when I export it, that column is missing. What do I do?

    Informations30 pointsBadges:
  • qcntrcv

    Hi all, I got a message on my machine from QUSER "Software problem Data for QCNTRCV has been logged". What would cause this problem? System AS/400 V5R1. Thank you.

    Larisagas265 pointsBadges:
  • Logical Files error

    We are receiving an error "File TQRYOUT in QGPL has logical files, cannot replace." which is preventing us from running some of our month-end queries. Please provide some suggestion as to what do we need to look at to correct this. Thank you

    Tonip5 pointsBadges:

    We end QINTER middle of night for a backup - if an interactive session has a keyboard error onscreen, QINTER will not go down! Any way to stop this or trap the sessions with keyboard errors?

    LarryKat10 pointsBadges:
  • BPCS 4.05 issue

    I have BPCS 4.05. Recently our order No got reset. We have deleted old orders from SIL,SIH, ECH and ECL. But some times invoice is printed with old and new item details (Old details are refereing to differnet customer but print with new customer invoice) and SIL and SIH has been updated with all...

    Asitha0075 pointsBadges:
  • domino web access

    browser access to databases controlled by building pathname using this command @LeftBack(@Subset(@DbName; -1); "\\") This returns the path under lotus/domino/data for all nsf files For some reason one company using this Notes software gets the pathname returned as blank and therefore cannot find...

    Hmechan10 pointsBadges:
  • DLTMSGQ Command Security

    One of our Operator's was clearing message queues today and instead of clearing, she deleted them. I would like to change the command DLTMSGQ to *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE. Would this adversely affect processes? TIA

    Abigail645 pointsBadges:
  • system asp used is gone from 22% to 44% suddenly,,what could be the reason..How we can check it?

    as/400 version

    V1005 pointsBadges:
  • security outq’s

    Looking for some help. is is possible to secure selected users from being able to look at specific outqs  

    jsrwagner20 pointsBadges:
  • HP Printer Problem on windows print server

    Hi, There is a HP Printer hosted on Windows Print Server.This printer prints junk charachters in PDF file intermittently .The printer name is EXPN005.A printer with same name exsts on AS400. Is there any thing at all which needs to be checked on AS400 side for the junk charachter printing ? Please...

    Sverma15 pointsBadges:
  • Will increasing the interactive CPU through the Hypervisor affect the system? Does it need an IPL?

    Will increasing the interactive CPU through the Hypervisor affect the system? Does it need an IPL? I need to increase the interactive feature among 5 partitions. can it be done interatively.

    harisudhan211,005 pointsBadges:
  • CLP to CLLE

    How can I conver a CLP progra to a CLLE program

    Sarit5 pointsBadges:
  • display output

    How to request only specific columns in a DB be display in the query results?  

    Stellada35 pointsBadges:
  • Does the user require *SPLCTL for the OVRPRTF to work?

    I have several users using the exact same function and the overide works for some but not others. Do they need *SPLCTL authority as that is the only difference I have noticed.

    Denis165 pointsBadges:

    HI FRIENDS, My problem is that I want to type a very lengthy IF statement.Afetr typing a part of the IF statement in TN5250 emulator on the first line and when I press enter,it is going to the next line.So please tell me how can I enter the remaining part of the IF statement? Thanks

    senmalar210 pointsBadges:
  • Sytem i/System p merger

    Now that IBM is merging the platforms, and renaming things again, how are we supposed to Google for "i" sites to find i 6.1 information?

    BigKat8,810 pointsBadges:
  • Migrating DTS packages that use mainframes source to SSIS

    I am trying to migrate DTS 2005 packages to SSIS. The packages that has SQL data source is migrating around 60% but the packages having mainframes (AS400/DB2) data source is migrating only 10% what is the reason? and How to get this problem resolved?

    Jwalini5 pointsBadges:
  • Problem when printing from AS400 to Cannon 550

    Printer was working fine when suddenly it stopped comunicating with the A/S 400. I can ping it from the system, I can print from the network. Message ID . . . . . . : PQT3625 Severity . . . . . . . : 40 Message type . . . . . : Information Date sent . . . . . . : 04/05/10 Time sent . . . . . . :...

    Patillasrc25 pointsBadges:
  • read dspf doesn’t returns data if function key pressed

    The read dspf does not return data if function key is pressed, How can I get the data that was keyed ?

    Yaronzak5 pointsBadges:

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