• Backup AS/400 to disk and then to the cloud.

    We want to be able to backup our AS/400 to disk and then be able to  put in either on our private cloud or a public cloud like Amazon storage or so. In case of a disaster we have the data available somewhere else in case something happens to the backup tapes . Does anyone know of a good solution...

    Brunosworld70 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 Distance Calculator

    I have a need to program the distance between two addresses on the AS400.  We need this to be robust to show distance between our multiple locations to a specific address. Is there anyone who can lead me in a direction on how to accomplish this.

    jldunn55 pointsBadges:
  • monitoring message

    what is the difference between program level & command level monmsg

    Gchakradhar15 pointsBadges:
  • CCSID Problem Creating XML Documents with RPG and CGIDEV2

    Hello, I am creating XML documents with the CGIDEV2 library of procedures. My XML templates are in CCSID 1252. I have a field defined as CCSID 37 that I am trying to insert into the XML as variable text. This field contains a cent sign. CGIDEV2 creates the new XML document as CCSID 819 withut...

    ISeriesCanDo5 pointsBadges:
  • Initiating a job only when a file contains records — CL

    How can I code a CL program to submit a job only when a file contains records

    aderene180 pointsBadges:
  • Different results for embedded SQL

    I have embedded SQL in my RPG code and some of the results are different to what I get when I check using STRSQL

    Macitmich20 pointsBadges:
  • rtncsrloc in RPGLE

    i am not able to use rtncsrloc keyword. should i define it in f spec or d spec and how we have to give the 3 argumnts to it... could you just give 1 example explaining all the steps.

    Coolrahul10 pointsBadges:
  • converting num to character name in RPGLE

    i have to convert any number inputted by the user into its character name.... like if i type 567.. it should be converted to five hundred and sixty seven... i am having problems relating it...

    Coolrahul10 pointsBadges:
  • EMP

    How would you achieve this requirement with out using RPG/RPGLE pgm,but by using only CL?Read a database file and display file contents on the screen when enter key pressed the next record should be displayed on screen.When the last record is reached or when F3 key is pressed the program should...

    0 pointsBadges:
  • ADOPT Authority

    Hi I have a CL program in which there is command on which I do not have authority to execute. So I am not able to compile the program. Is there any way some one else, who has the authoruty on that command compile it and then I can execute the program? I have heard about something about ADOPT...

    Pgsdeb20 pointsBadges:
  • Replacing PLIST in RPG /FREE coding

    I am starting to use /Free coding in RPG and like the clarity and readability of the code. However I can not get my head around the replacement to using *ENTRY and a PLIST to use parameters passed in to the program. Sometimes this is passed on a call from a CL program, at other times it is a direct...

    FrankStacey105 pointsBadges:
  • printing problem with TLP 3884 Z zebra printer

    Hi all, I am sending this zpl command to zebra printer's output stream to print the label but blank label is printed with this command. here is my code to print the label. zplcmd="^XA~TA000~JSN^LT0^MNW^MTT^PON^PMN^LH0,0^JMA^PR2,2^MD10^JUS^LRN^CI0^XZ\n" +"^XA\n" +"^MMT\n" +"^LL0300\n" +"^PW600\n"...

    Leozeo5 pointsBadges:
  • print session AS/400

    how do you configure a print session on a pc for AS/400 printing

    Beerman5 pointsBadges:
  • SQLCOD = -7008 when doing an insert into file using SQLRPGLE

    Hi, I'm trying to insert selective records from one file into the same file in another library. I have to do this for many file. Am building the query dynamically using SQLRPGLE. Am using a PREPARE statement and an EXECUTE statement to run the query. While the PREPARE statement ends fine, am...

    SasiKumar0 pointsBadges:
  • How to reset the password??

    Hi, How to reset the password through a CL program. The user has forgotten his password, even ADMIN doesn't know the password. Thanks, Rama krishna

    0 pointsBadges:
  • Query Calculation Part of Select Criteria

    This query works great except I need to add one thing. There are two district codes that need to be included in the query. These codes just need the MC_Tax_Amount field totaled - no dividing by two. How do I add this to my query? Thank you, SELECT "T16.CPRP".CP_DISTRICT_CODE,...

    lorit365 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 Installation

    Hi, I have install PASSPORT Trial version in my Laptop but im not able to Login (not able to connect) please help me out of this.

    AS400DB240020 pointsBadges:
  • Allocate more then 16 MB to RPG Variable

    Is there a way to allocate more then 16MB space to variable or pointer in RPG ? I heard about Heap /User Space creation but when I tried to use it, it's limit is again 16 MB.

    VParashar10 pointsBadges:
  • Overlays and MICR code oniSeries

    Hi all, We have two printers: HP Laserjet 9050 dn and HP Laserjet 8510.  They are to be used for laser checks.  Currently I can print the MICR code and I now am trying to create the form/overlay.  The printers are defined as SCS, but any overlay I create only prints on an IPDS printer.  Is...

    Geojf385 pointsBadges:
  • Indicators in AS400

    I have the code; 50  leave N50 xxxxxxx where 50 is the indicator. If 50 sets on, then executes leave operation. What is use of N50?

    Mechviji5 pointsBadges:

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