• Control Group in AS400

    How can i change control group in AS400 ?

    now225 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries Wireless Network

    We have an iseries 8203-E4A in our main office in NJ along with a SonicWall network device, we are thinking about going wireless in our office in California.   Any thoughts on speed and security?  

    Karens6180 pointsBadges:
  • OVRPRTF not working in procedure that is called

    Have an RPGLE program that calls a external procedure, which does an OVRPRTF (through a RunCL function), and then prints a report. The problem is, that the OVRPRTF doesn't seem to be doing it's job. Does this have something to do with the procedure? I originally had a CL that was called (from the...

    MMAGuy85 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 – SNDDST comand with attachments.

    Hi, I am using the SNDDST command to send attachments to my own email address on MS Outlook 2003. The following are the commands i use: [strong]CPYTOPCD FROMFILE(MYLIB/MYFILE) TOFLR(TEMP) TODOC(MYFILE.TXT) REPLACE(*YES)[/strong] [strong] [/strong] [strong]SNDDST TYPE(*DOC)...

    Jkbritvic65 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 – Data Structure

    I have declared one Data Structure in RPGLE Program with length 5000. I wanted see Value of Entire Data Structure While Debugging the Program. Can you help me to see Entire Length of DS.

    rajeshece1,215 pointsBadges:
  • remote output queue report stays in SND status

    Without making any printer changes on the iSeries for remote output queues, one of our networked PC printers misbehaves intermittently by forcing the user to press enter twice (check mark).  I suspect that the users are playing with the PC keys thus changing printer settings locally at their...

    Unoboono5 pointsBadges:
  • job status

    we have one thousand jobs of which we have 4 critical jobs called jobA(emp), jobB(desig), JobC(sal), jobD(dept)  once jobA completes jobB kicks off and so on based on the job status i need to display a message on the user defined screen (DSPF) showing the current status  if   jobb is running...

    RMANI10 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 Printer

    I am trying to get a print of AS400 report. But i am getting the report in Landscape format. For getting it in the Portrait format, what should I do? And this is nothing related with printer because printer is working fine for other formats such as doc files or pdf files. But in case of spool...

    Wrksplf5 pointsBadges:
  • Problem with *READ Trigger Program

    Caller Program A Reads a record from File X. "After-Read-Trigger" kicks in and calls Program B. Program B changes the Read-Record's fields as per the required logic (I can see the modified trigger-buffer in debug).

    Ihabik60 pointsBadges:
  • Printing a Number as a Character

    How do you print a numeric field as characters? For example on check print, how do you print Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine instead of 999?

    Sec8715 pointsBadges:
  • COBOL: Is it possible to apply a different Pic clause to a single variable?

    Is it possible to use a different  Pic clause from a single variable? based on the condition. DEBIT             PIC ZZZZZZZ,ZZZ,ZZ9.99                      PIC ZZZ,ZZZ,ZZZ,ZZ9.99 For example              When true...

    Promodhss50 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries backup encryption on LT04?

    Hi, We are looking to encrypt our backups and having looked about it appears that using a fibre attached LT04 in the tape library where the encryption is done at hardware level would be the best /cheapest option. It is the best option for us as it also says that no software is required, however...

    Col7775 pointsBadges:
  • display file driven by cl

    Is there a sample CL/SQL code on how to display a message on the screen based on the last record data in a table. there is a stat feild in my table for eg if stat is 1 then display test1 if stst is 2 then display test2

    Mannar5 pointsBadges:
  • Effective Userid on execution Unix and Cobol

    I have created one file 'F' wih one owner named 'A' and i want to give the effective userid settings to one program named 'p' written in cobol. even though the other users can't open the file named 'A' above . they can access the file by using the program 'P'. for that i have set effective user id...

    RamkiHsl5 pointsBadges:

    Hai friends, I need to design a subfile such that when a user press 1 against a employee number,it should display the details of the selected employee.Pls help me.

    senmalar210 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 emulating s/36

    What is the model number(s) of the as/400 that emulates a s/36? Is it 9406?or model? How much do they cost?

    IBAS4005 pointsBadges:
  • physical file name

    I am running cpysplf command and create new file everyday. I would  like to give the file name with date extension on it. For example: before I run cpysplf command, I create PF INVOICE0305 (03/05/10). Is there any way to do so? Help please.   

    Larisagas265 pointsBadges:
  • QDBSRVXR2 running at 70-80% all the time.

    I had to shut down the AS400 couple days ago to replace the power backup. Used PWRDWNSYS command. This server has not been shut down for a year or so now. The shut down was not flawless it took a very long time. After restart it did quiet a few recovery processes. It finally came back on in about a...

    Chabsta85 pointsBadges:
  • Why we take Break Message please explain in detail

    Hi, we take Break message once the operator change please explain me detail what is the whole purpose of taking the Break message... Thanks And regards Umesh

    Umeshkumarnagar15 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Access – Comparing GL downloaded into what was actually Billed.

    How would you select several records and what command would you use?

    Mick175 pointsBadges:

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