• Faster File copy mechanism- Want to copy a huge data from one AS/400 file to another AS/400 file.

    I want to copy a huge data from one AS/400 file to another AS/400 file. This is copying on the same machine. I tried a CPYF command first. It takes about 45 minutes to copy that file. Next, I tried the SAVE to a SAVF and restore from this SAVF. It takes about 20 minutes now. I would like to know if...

    Rsm5 pointsBadges:
  • Users stucks in QINTER!

    When attempting to sign on in the system the users stuck in QINTER and they can't enter the work subsystem. This only happens in rush hours- mourning and afternoon. When this happens the processors didn't appear to be overloaded in %. but they are hanging on the sign on screen for a very long...

    Tsetso.Marinov15 pointsBadges:
  • debugging a program object on i-series

    Hi anybody tell me if it is possible to debug a program object CLP/CLLE/RPG/RPGLE if i dont have the source with me.

    ten20081,150 pointsBadges:
  • Restoring problem logs in i5/OS

    How can I restore the problem logs on i5/OS?

    AS400 - Ask the Expert485 pointsBadges:
  • odbc in i5/OS

    I need to know how i can create an data source name or a odbc connection for a database in i5/OS. Kindly guide me.

    Jacky160 pointsBadges:
  • Kronos

    I have Kronos application installed on a production 525 its been requested that I implement the same environment on a training 525. Do I just lay the current libraries on the box or do I have to perform the install from scratch?

    Chardyjr45 pointsBadges:
  • HTTP Server i5 V5R4

    I have the same or similar symptoms as a previous post, but the solution does not solve the problem: We've i5 515 Machine with V5R4M0. After applying the HTTP Latese (cumulative) PTF's, I'm able to have the Main "i5/OS Tasks" page. But when I click on "IBM Web Administration for i5/OS", "Internal...

    Maxxx13105 pointsBadges:
  • ADD trigger gives a Cross Reference Failed error

    I have attempted a very simple CRTPFTRG command to add a trigger to a table specifing * AFTER and *INSERT, however no matter what I do the error code CPD32E7 is stated as the cause of the add trigger failing. Acording to the error message this is because of Operation =1 Reason 6 which refers to a...

    ShabbaK5 pointsBadges:
  • Add Special Authority to User Profiles

    I would like to add *JOBCTL, *IOSYSCFG to Basic User Profiles to be able to run Night Jobs. I am only a SECADM that might be the problem. I don't see the option anywhere. Tried CHGUSRPRF, WRKUSRPRF, +. No luck. Please help. I do appreciate any input. Also I need to add components to iSeries...

    Chabsta85 pointsBadges:
  • COBOL Application Project Mgt Scoping Questions

    I've recently stepped into a project management position associated with the ongoing upgrades to an old COBOL financial system used for payroll.  I'm finding it difficult to nail down schedules and resource requirements for mods/enhancements I use to consider fairly simple in a non-COBOL...

    Jzjohnson6315 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 Duplex printing

    I am printing from the AS/400 to a KYOCERA copier... I am printing the report on both sides of the paper... I would like to skip to the next sheet of paper at a level break... Any ideas???

    Mopaco5 pointsBadges:

    Hi, Team How Can we start and End "all" subsystems at once in AS/400 through command line or by anyother way? as per my knowledge we can End SBS all at once useing command ENDSBS SBS(*ALL)  but we can't start  all SBS  at once using command line.  I Guess using CL Programing we can start!! pls...

    qmaster1,675 pointsBadges:
  • job remains inactive after starting

    folks, one of the jobs on subsystem will not start today. it was last started on 3/30 and ran for a while. when i do 1 it goes into "RUN" and then back to "INACTIVE" status and remains there. i'am just subbing for an admin and have no idea where to turn. any advice is greatly appreciated, thx

    Dvs23905 pointsBadges:
  • How to take source code from MochaSoft to as400 server ?

    my intention is I have done coding for a module in mocha soft emulator . Now I have AS400 server with me , my intention is not to code again for the same module . I want to use the same source files along with objects . But these are located at another server . we are connecting through Mochasoft...

    Abuaa20 pointsBadges:
  • Find OUTQ’s without an associated printer device

    Greetings.  We just completed a major system-i consolidation, and I need to generate a list of all outq in a particular library which do not have an associated printer DEVD.  We are trying to clean up the system. We had quite a number of OUTQ in QUSRSYS without an associated printer, and those...

    BruceU15 pointsBadges:

    I am researching the optimum performance setting for Library Locking Level on our system. I have an 820, approximately 1500 users, 1tb of storage of which approx. 66% used. I have found articles and recommendations for both settings (do not lock and lock). My current setting is 1. Can anyone...

    Abigail645 pointsBadges:
  • Change attribute for CLLE program object

    HI can i change the object attribute for a CLLE program to CLP (as in the case with a CLP we can change it to CLLE). SOmebody plz tell me how we can do that?

    ten20081,150 pointsBadges:
  • SMTP jobs consuming high CPU

    I am on V5R4.The following SMTP jobs are consuming very high CPU:  QTSMTPSRVD  QTSMTPCLTD  QTSMTPBRCL  QTSMTPBRSR These jobs are finishing and then next one is running from QSYSWRK. As a temporary work around please can anyone suggest how do I kill these jobs. I want to know the steps to kill...

    Hugheswilliams345 pointsBadges:
  • Simple CL

    Hi friends, Wy this simple CL not works ?     PGM DCL VAR(&MSGID) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(7)   LOOP: PING RMTSYS('XXX.XX.3.7') RCVMSG MSGID(&MSGID)     IF COND(&MSGID *EQ 'TCP3206') THEN(GOTO + CMDLBL(SEND)) SEND: SNDDST TYPE(*LMSG) TOINTNET((*NONE) + (myname@mysite.com)) DSTD('remote host + system...

    PutzGrilla810 pointsBadges:
  • client access for Iseries export

    I have exported data via excel but I can't seem to get a certain column (data not numeric) across. I have displayed my database file and it is there but when I export it, that column is missing. What do I do?

    Informations30 pointsBadges:

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