• Trimming trailing Zeros

    I have a numeric field of 25,9 in a file. I have a program which calculate this value. I want to appear this field in file without trailing zeros. If the value is 2,935.995000000 I want it to write to file as 2,935.995. How is this possible?

    RamvishakRamesh2,505 pointsBadges:
  • Add In function in Excel 2010 to download file from iSeries v7.1 exceeding limit, is there something we need to do to up the limit of records from 64K

    We are running a Data File Transfer from the iSeries to Excel 2010, using the Add In off of Excel for File Transfer From iSeries. We can only download 64K records. How can we get this size limit to be larger? Our iSeries is at V7.1 and our client Access is at V6 and/or V7 for various users. We want...

    pgmr85 pointsBadges:
  • How to display more than 1 error message in a message subfile

    I currently have a screen that display an error 1 at a time in a message subfile. User can roll up or down to display the next error. I want to be able to display all errors in message subfile in 1 full screen when user hits a function key. Since the message subfile (sflpag=1) already has the...

    kglen0160 pointsBadges:
  • Query400 report generation

    I'm using query400 tool and using output type as printer files.. I want to generate a report format of transactions like this.. date act# amount date1 act no1 total act no2 total act no3 total date1 act no1 total act no2 total Final Total example transaction is like date act# amount 23/10/12 100...

    sivakesava285 pointsBadges:
  • Fixing the decimal data errors.

    In the commands CRTBNDRPG & CRTRPGMOD we have the parameter FIXNBR to fix Decimal data errors. Do we have such provision for ILE COBOL?

    mvrkrishna560 pointsBadges:
  • Xerox WC 7535 print from iSeries and passing security code XSNMPDRV

    We have a client that would like to print to a Xerox WC and they have it setup to accept a security code. We have created a printer device using the IBMSNMPDRV but it rejects the process since it did not receive the security code. Has anyone done a configuration using the XSNMPDRV and configuring...

    hafwhit1,175 pointsBadges:
  • Performance improvement CPYTOIMPF

    Hi, I am using CPYTOIMPF command in my CL program to convert a database file to .CSV file. database file contains 3 million records and CPYTOIMPF command is taking 48 minutes to complete. Can some body kindly suggest me is there a way to improve the performance of the program. Thanks in advance. CV

    ZWANZIG40 pointsBadges:
  • Accessing STRSQL

    Can granting access to limit capabilities *partial or *no will give user the access to STRSQL?

    100282145 pointsBadges:
  • Modify the result after a division with multiples of 10

    I have an expression like this Total = Quantity/10**decimal. If I have value 000080906140000 in quantity and decimal has 6, my result is 0000000080906.13. But I want it as 0000000080906.14. Is it possible?

    RamvishakRamesh2,505 pointsBadges:
  • Identifying Source Mbr Names Conditionally

    I would like to find a way to conditionally print source file member names that contain a trailing $ sign. Is there a way?

    Tom196035 pointsBadges:
  • Compare creation date of file to system date

    Hi, I need help in figuring out the begaining of my CL program. I would like for the CL to act accordinly. Check a file creation date and compare that date to the system date, then if a match (do something), if not a match (send message and end job). Thank you

    lotofbad205 pointsBadges:
  • Strengthen QSECURITY level 30

    Hi, Any tips and tricks on how could i strengthen QSECURITY 30 to patch the loophole in this level (without going to QSECURITY 40)? Thank you

    iNewbie215 pointsBadges:
  • Blank line Input capable page at a time subfile

    Hi - I am a bit rusty subfile-wise and was hoping to find an example of a page at a time subfile that provides position to and blank line input capability on the user's request to add records to the file. I'm particularly curious about the paging concerns involved. What can I say...It's been a...

    MiamiAl15 pointsBadges:
  • Special Authorities

    You have a group profile (ABC) with special authorities of *ALLOBJ. You have a group of users with user class *PGMR with special authorities of *JOBCTL and *SPLCTL. They also have limited capabilities set to *NO and they are part of the Group Profile ABC. With command line access and having...

    Skinh5 pointsBadges:
  • MKS implementer issue

    We use the product MKS implementer to manage our implemention of file and program changes from a test environment to production. Whenever we make a file structure change to the physical file, such as increasing a field size in our test environment and then implement the change, the logicals...

    TLloyd180 pointsBadges:
  • How to create a Spool file

    I queried on a file it gives me hundreds of records. Is it possible to create a spool file with these record? If yes then please tell me how?

    ankit2002770 pointsBadges:
  • Websphere MQ 7.1 uninstalltion in IBM i server 6.1

    I have installed MQ7.1 in my IBMi server 6.1 but its in evaluation period so we planning to re-install it. Please can you tell me the uninstalling steps?

    IBMiserver35 pointsBadges:
  • Printer files in AS400

    Hi.. In our AS400 server many printer files are there. when we use WRKACTJOB to see the status, some printer files(QSPL)are always in RUN status and its taking too much CPU %. what will be the problem ?

    Sureyz2,825 pointsBadges:
  • How to create an EXCEL

    I queried on file and fetch nearly 10000 records.I want these recrods in the excel,however I dont want to copy and paste.It will take a lot of time. Is there any method or command in AS400 which can do this task,

    ankit2002770 pointsBadges:
  • scheduled job

    how to check the user that changed a scheduled job from held to release?? because we have a backup job in WRKJOBSCDE that is in held and being submitted daily manually. but what happen is that it run it self in QBATCH and we are also submitting the job again. so it create a duplicate backup on the...

    joverparas380 pointsBadges:

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