• Need information on content manager on iSeries

    Hi, is there anyone working on content manager integrated with GUI applications on iSeries. I have the basic codes and admin pdfs from IBM but require some practical troubleshooting documentation on errors loading content manager.

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  • How to map HTML page with AS400

    I have an HTML page with NAME field. When user enter the in the page and click on the submit it should go in the PF file and add the record in the PF. Is it possible that we can map the HTML pages with AS400. Please give some link or code where I can try this.

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    Hi All, If I was on QSecurity 30 and shifted the operations to QSecurity 40, knowing that my collected audits collections (logs from QAUDLVL) are ok and passed all possible program failures. Now during operations problems occured. Boom! Can I immediately revert back to QSECURITY 30 and continue my...

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  • SQL coding in RPGLE Free format

    How can I improve the coding of this SQLRPGLE program? 0030.00 d MoreRows s 1a 0032.00 d recn s 7 0 0033.00 d pyam s 11 2 0036.00 d 0037.00 d Seq# s 9 0 0038.00 d sds 0039.00 d usid 254 263 0046.00 /Free 0048.00 Exec sql 0049.00 declare c1 cursor 0050.00 for select sum(utcbal), count(*) 0051.00...

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  • SQL 9010 Error after abend on submitted file copy due to incorrect trigger

    I did RSTOBJ from a production library to a test library using and created a trigger that I did not realize existed. The next copy I tried to do to the test file that had this incorrect trigger over it caused the copy job to lock up with many "Access Plan not Updated" errors since the trigger was...

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  • Submitting the same Job from multiple users to a single threaded jobq. Output from one job going to another jobs printer?

    We have a Work Order Create program that gets invoked by multiple users multiple times throughout the day. The jobs are submitted to a jobq that is single threaded. Within the calling CL there is a SBMJOB of a secondary job that also gets submitted to the same single threaded jobq. The problem is...

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  • xxVLLSP – COndition list :SYNON

    Hi, Does any one know How to 1) add a condition to Synon defaul condiotion list .. 2)And how to Promote this condition list (xxVLLSR ) to Production Box.. we are using - MKS Chain Managmnt tool.. Regards Adi

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  • Problem while writing data in a text file

    I am trying to write data from one stream file to a text file. Stream file is a big file of 5000 pages and i am generating 5 text files with 1000 pages . Now when i write first 1000 pages to file1.txt it writes perfectly well . Now when 1000 pages are reached i close that file and open a new file...

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  • Can removal of window records be prevented when writing to nonwindow record

    With respect to an AS400 27*132 display file... When writing to a nonwindow record, all window records are removed from the display. Is there a way to prevent this whereby none of the windows are removed? We are trying to write a 1-line record to line 27 (SLNO(27)) without a series of cascading...

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  • FTP subcommads

    Hi All, Can anyone provide list of file/object extension .XXX, downloading data to PC and PC to iseries box we need this extensions. 2) I faced an issue have taken one of savf data to PC. But when I tried to transfer to iseries the file is saved in PF type. Can anyone help me to recover this error?...

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  • MQ user profile

    HI, I need to create an MQ integration profile which the client would be using to fetch the data from the MQ server which is installed in IBM i server....Now i need to know what are the important parameters for creating that profile.

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  • Getting the error CPF5257 when trying to write record in Logical File

    RPGLE Program crashing with the error CPF5257 (Failure for device or member &4 file &2 in library &3) when trying to write record in Logical File.

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  • Getting the number of records from CL

    I want to get the number of records from the CL program.I used the following code however I am getting the error. Please suggest the solution PGM DCL VAR(&RCDCOUNT) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) VALUE('0') RTVMBRD FILE(ATANEJA/SAME1) NBRCURRCD(&RCDCOUNT) SNDMSG MSG(&RCDCOUNT) TOUSR(ATANEJA)...

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  • logical based on physical file member

    I want to create a logical file over the data contained in one member of a muiltiple member phyisical file. I can find nowher that allows me to specify the member name of the PF.

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  • Help with CL to answer MSGW on printer WTR

    I have been out of programming for a few years, and am pretty rusty. We run a system that the end users have no command line access. Their printers have occasion to go into MSGW status (ie out of paper, etc.). They then have to call to get support to answer the MSGW on the WTR. I am hoping to be...

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  • How to print from Web services

    I am using webservices to communicate with a third party provider. The provider is sending me a HTML file to the AS400 that I need to print. The file is graphical with company logo. How can I send this file directly to a windows printer?

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  • AS/400 model 9402 won’t power on

    Our company has an AS/400 model 9402 that was manually shutdown due to an extreme storm. We cannot turn the system back on. The system attention light is lit and system will not power on. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • DSPLY SQL value is zeros

    I am trying to display the 2 result values from this SQL statement and they are zeros: D totdlq S 11 2 inz(0) D totcnt S 5 0 inz(0) * D totdel S 20a D totrec S 10a /Free Exec sql DECLARE C1 CURSOR FOR DynSqlStmt; Exec sql open C1; Exec sql Select sum(utcbal), count(*) INTO :totdlq, :totcnt from...

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  • Job Scheduler Authority

    I have a operator that is unable to submit a job in the scheduler using the "Option 10 to Run Immediately". He gets a error message "Not Authorized to user QSYSOPR" How do i authorize his group profile to user QSYSOPR? I'm not to familiar with the Job Scheduler and am looking for some help.

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    Hi, I need to create an ID, the main condition is that he should not have any special authorities(especially *allobj ). where he should be able to access (Read and write only ) for some library and its objects (more than 10 libraries and 20000 objects). Where those libraries and its objects are in...

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