• save while activ QDLS

    can QDLS be saved while activ?

    Grunlintrumcom5 pointsBadges:
  • Lost License Key After IPL

    We have not IPL the system in over a year. Upon doing so we lost the license key. How could this issue happen. We only IPL the system , we made no changes. System V5R4

    March125 pointsBadges:
  • Job sites

    May i know the important job sites for AS400 jobs?

    shyedajmal285 pointsBadges:
  • extract data from as400 to excel

    I have CL and DB files and i need to extract the data from the files to excel sheet by writing an program.How can i do that?

    Copinky45 pointsBadges:
  • Forcing data to stay left going to excel

    InLot  Contains 123 ABC456 Eval outlot = inlot transfer file to .csv outlot '         123' 'ABC456   ' Ugly.  How do I force it to all stay to the left.  TrimL, MoveL has no effect.  It is in the translation to .csv. Thanks, Nick    

    NickHutcheson11,380 pointsBadges:
  • Auto Refresh page with server time counting in RPGLE program

    I successfully completed auto refresh page with server time counting in RPGLE program. While run my program, some times i got the below error... I/O error CPF4737 was detected in file AUTODSP (C G D F). i share my display coding and rpgle coding below Display file coding..  A              ...

    pdsathishkumar3,790 pointsBadges:
  • Restoration

    Is it possible to restore the deleted objects in AS400?plz guide me??

    shyedajmal285 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400

    How can i delete the datafiles within endofday script

    Sameeranber5 pointsBadges:
  • Command function

    Explain the function of STRPCCMD command in AS400??

    shyedajmal285 pointsBadges:
  • what does SQL, DDS mean in Generation mode?

    what does SQL, DDS mean in Generation mode in an Access path in SYNON

    1234test5 pointsBadges:
  • CPF Errors

    Whats the difference between CPF0000 and CPF 9999

    Renjithgr285 pointsBadges:
  • How to get the list of files in a library to a outfile

    How to get the list of *file of attribute PF in a library in an outfile

    BalajiMS5 pointsBadges:
  • usage of figurative constant *loval with Setll

    I got a compilation error  "*RNF7055 30      1 Factor 1 is not valid for the specified operation." for the following piece of code Filename    if   e             disk    *loval        setll     Filename   For the same code when i changed the F spec specifying the...

    Hamsu95 pointsBadges:
  • snddst- in RPG

    i am trying to use the SNDDST command in an RPGLE program. It works to one email (*PRI), i want to do a (*BCC) to another user but i get an errro. anyone have any code sample to do this operation? thanks

    rmb115 pointsBadges:
  • FTP & SAVF

    1.How to download a savf to pc from iseries: 2.How to upload a savf from pc to iseries: Hi Gurus, I have added all the files from my source physical file "QDDSSRC" to a save file "SAVF1" in the library GOVIN using the folowing command. SAVOBJ OBJ(QDDSSRC) LIB(GOVIN) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(GOVIN/SAVF1) Now...

    22917510 pointsBadges:
  • OUTQ

    How does system pick the OUTQ when the job is executed ?

    Renjithgr285 pointsBadges:
  • Can you “read” a fax or email/attachment with a program or 3rd party tool?

    We are in the beginning phase of a project to fully automate a shift (yes-and get rid of a position). One of the things that the person does is review and compare a fax, email or email attachment to a file that is FTP'd to our SYSTEM.  [o:p][/o:p] Way back in time I worked on a project that...

    Camcolt1115 pointsBadges:


    HOPPER508930 pointsBadges:
  • copying file in as400 through rpgle

    I have a req: i have a PF (PF1) from which i populate another PF (PF2).Now PF2 can contain max of 24 records.PF1 can have unlimited records.I need to fetch last 24 records from PF1 into PF2.Can any1 give any idea as how to do it? My logic is: i will read PF1 until %eof ,by incrementing a counter....

    Supriyoas400130 pointsBadges:
  • Using iSeries as linked server in SQL Server 2012 Express

    I downloaded SQL Server 2012 Express in order to attempt to create a database on a PC which has links to data living on our iSeries. I can't use the OLE DB2 extension from Microsoft since it doesn't work on SQL Server Express. So, I figured out (with Google's help) that I could run this script to...

    Koohiisan5,020 pointsBadges:

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