• Using MIMIX for AS/400 Failover

    We have an AS/400 V5R4 Mod 270. We are on MIMIX Ha Lite version My Boss wants to do a planned failover. I don't know that I ever seen one done on our AS/400. We don't have a contract with MIMIX anymore and we can't afford a private contractor. I have read through instructions for...

    Nasty155 pointsBadges:
  • Read records for a particular period in RPG

    Hi all! I have a date period in RPG as month and year like 072012 and 022013 both are character fields. I'm passing this fields from OPNQRYF in CL program to RPG. How can I read records from a master for this particular period in RPG? Surey

    Sureyz2,570 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 extracting spool file automatically and sending to user.

    We are using i750 server. In this server v r running life asia application. As of now we are extracting spool files manually and sending to users. Is there is any possible way to extract the spool files automatically and send to user mail id's? Once the job is completed, it has to do automatically....

    Iseriesas400310 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries library restore error

    I have two iSeries machines both running v6r1. One is our production box (Model - E4A w/internal tape drive) and the other is a cold backup (Model 520 with external Transberg 3503-lto 4 tape drive).  I am trying to restore libraries from our production box to the backup. I can browse the the tape...

    jamesn2525 pointsBadges:
  • Can we delete the library though there are many objects in that library

    Can we delete the library though there are many objects in that library

    ravula710 pointsBadges:
  • User Space (*USRSPC)

    Hi, there is an As/400 object called User Space whose object type is *USRSPC and its attribute type is SQLRPTC. This has some SQL scripts. My job is to call this user space from my RPGLE program. Have you ever done such call to User Space? If so, please help me in doing this.

    assa150 pointsBadges:
  • Question on Logical File

    When I compile logical file at very first time an object is created for that. When i compile that same logical file again it is showing Object SAMPLELF in BALAGAM1 type *FILE deleted. what was the reason behind it .. how can i solve this problem

    Gopidada55 pointsBadges:

    I have a variable that contains the name of a data area How can I access the data area? Without using CL

    aldo40020 pointsBadges:
  • SQLCOD 30 error

    I have a Fetch statement like this Exec Sql Fetch FileCursor into :FileDS. I am gettting SQLCOD as 30 and JOBLOG says Number of host variables less than result values. Declaration of FileDS is D FileDS E DS EXTNAME(FileNAme) Can anyone tell me the reason for this?

    RamvishakRamesh2,505 pointsBadges:
  • Can I move a data structue(along with positional-values) into a Data area of same length.

    Can I move a data structue(along with positional-values) into a Data area of same length. Can I move a data structue having positional-values exactly into the same positions of the data area. my code is as follows:- 0014.00 FCS86C00 CF E WORKSTN 0015.00 * 0016.00 I@DS001 DS 452 0017.00 I 1 256 @DTA...

    svankipu620 pointsBadges:
  • CL opnqryf question

    In my CL program, I have an Opnqryf and a Rcvf following that. It reads the file till EOF has reached. Now I have another opnqryf on the same file. I have closed the file just before the opnqryf but since the first loop has reaced eof, my second opnqryf is not retrieving any records. I dont want to...

    RamvishakRamesh2,505 pointsBadges:
  • Securitiy Auditing in AS400

    Dear all ! In our company we are using power 720 server for our application. Some of us in the Admin side we have the access to all the objects and can do any changes. But i as a super admin i just want to record all the activities of another person like changes in PF and job ending and all...

    Sureyz2,570 pointsBadges:
  • More than 50 files in RPG?

    How can i declare more than 50 files in RPG/400 program?

    csuoaananth75 pointsBadges:
  • JOBD

    How to change jobd while job running

    shajahan10 pointsBadges:
  • crtdevprt

    I have created a printer device using the command crtdevprt for a HP Laserjet CP2025n. I am running V5R1M0. The device is created and documents will print but only in 10 cpi. I isend it 12 cpi and dtill will only 10cpi even though the attributes of the spool file show it at 12 cpi. Here is the...

    bisman45 pointsBadges:
  • Creation and dump of a user space iSeries

    Hi all, I'm trying to recreate an old user space with the next code:QUSCRTUS(qname, "LSTOBJS ", 64000, "", "*EXCLUDE ", "Text decription ", "*YES ", &zero, "*USER " , 16 , optimum )When I dump the old one there is a -extended data- section but that section does not exist in the dump of my new...

    GraceP415 pointsBadges:
  • CMD command on Windows 7

    I want to know the command that can shows me the paths of destination to my computer IP in CMD on Windows 7? Can anyone can help me?

    Sanatimath90 pointsBadges:
  • Join files using OPNQRYF

    I'm not much familiar with complex OPNQRYF statements. I need to select records from a file say FileA which has a field AccNo. I need to select those accounts whose country code ='002'. Country code comes from another file say FileB. FileB has account number as key. I know this is simple, but I am...

    RamvishakRamesh2,505 pointsBadges:
  • WRKOBJPDM license?

    I have a new AS/400 V7R1 and each time I use WRKOBJPDM, it gives a CPF9E72 message in *SYSOPR (Usage limit exceded) in product 5770WDS feature 5103! What's wrong?

    Apalma15 pointsBadges:
  • Dynamic operator on WHERE statement

    I have a file that has 2-fields that will be used to select records from file B. File A, field 1 = date_a & field 2 = Operator. I want to select records from File B and based on the value within the operator ( EQ, LT, LE, GT, GE) and the date_a. Ex: If in File A, the value of the field Operator...

    ibBusy4sure50 pointsBadges:

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