• AS/400: Run jobs

    How to view the all run jobs in our userprofile?

    kennedy2802110 pointsBadges:
  • How can I swap user profile on active job

    Hi I  need to find out how to swap user profile on an active job... Is it possible?Devan Hi further to my question on swapping active jobs is that we run LANSA on the AS400. Once the LANSA application opens it automcatically assigns a session to DC@PGMLIB on wrkactjob, even though the user name...

    devan390 pointsBadges:
  • Difference between job priority and run priority in AS400

    Hi, What is the Difference between job priority and run priority in AS400? Thanks,    

    DeepikaR115 pointsBadges:
  • Monitor for job status DSPA

    I have to reset user sessions frequently on our iSereis. The job status is usually DSPA. How can I monitor for DSPA job status in QINTER on an iSeries and automatically end the sessions?

    Spepa15 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 batch jobs

    When any batch job is running in the AS400 system, Should we end the job immediately. What changes does these batch jobs bring on the running AS400 system?

    Rameshee3830 pointsBadges:
  • subsystem

    How do I remove a task from the subsystem startup

    Karenlr5 pointsBadges:

    How to convert the SPLF to Excel? Where the spool file is generated using PRTSYSINF CMD?

    ITKE344,825 pointsBadges:
  • Progress bar in rpgle

    Hi i have created a progress bar in rpgle , i just want to know is there some way to calculate the completion % of the program . I want this as i want to show the status bar with the percentage completion . My main program just runs 2-3 commands . So just want to know is there some way to calculate...

    munduuu435 pointsBadges:
  • Anyone know the monmsg msgid for (No active jobs to display)

    I am doing command wrkactjob sbs(mysbs) job(myjob) If the job is not active I will receive the work screen with message  (No active jobs to display) Reason: I have a cl that monitors (myjob) in (mysbs).  I have the script set to send me an alert if there is no active job found/ or is down......

    lotofbad205 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries *MSGW error message capture

    Is there a way to capture the actual error msg or msg number (i.e. CPF4128) for a job that is in *MSGW status. I have captured the job name/user/job number and just need to get the message text.

    Dcarney115 pointsBadges:
  • I tried to start management central but error occurred (CPFB976)

    I tried to start management centeral but error accured. Management Central object list not retrieved. Could not retrieve object list of type       

    Maltaf65 pointsBadges:
  • How do dcl a job that is in deqw status?

    ok, I'm new but trying hard here. I have a job that becomes active once a person logs in. This job will sit in sbs qusrwrk and its status is deqw. I am trying to make a clp to end this job. I will show you what I have then tell you my problem with what i got so far.  ...

    lotofbad205 pointsBadges:
  • Capture job data in AS/400

    I want to be able to watch a JOB (a user logged into a device with a name) They get a X-CLOCK every once and a while. I want to see if I can capture anything from the AS400 side to see if anything is delaying the responce back to the client...

    Jaymz69765 pointsBadges:
  • commands AS400 system

    general commands working as developer on the AS400 IBM system

    KS115 pointsBadges:
  • SSH on AS400

    Hi Guys, just want to know if it is possible to use Secure FTP on AS400 rather than FTP. What is currently practice at my side is AS400 will FTP files to the windows server and they now want us to use Secure FTP. Is there anyway to go around it?

    jinteik17,600 pointsBadges:
  • job remains inactive after starting

    folks, one of the jobs on subsystem will not start today. it was last started on 3/30 and ran for a while. when i do 1 it goes into "RUN" and then back to "INACTIVE" status and remains there. i'am just subbing for an admin and have no idea where to turn. any advice is greatly appreciated, thx

    Dvs23905 pointsBadges:
  • Convert WRKACTJOB to DB file

    Hi, Is there any COMMAND OR API or any METHOD to put the result of WRKACTJOB to a database file and then read in a RPG...? There was a command "CVTWRKACT" but i m not able to find it now in my server.

    0 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 Job Status

    One job is getting submitted from Web to AS400 Server. I am getting TIMW Status. What is the reason for this status? How to solve this issue

    rajeshece1,215 pointsBadges:
  • Can we able to copy interactive session’s QTEMP data into SBMJOB’s QTEMP while submitting the batch job.

    Hi All, Can we able to access Data Area available in interactive session's QTEMP library while submitting the batch job using SBMJOB command from interactive session. For example i want to submit JOBA from interactive session, now there is one data area (A) or LDA is available in interactive...

    Mohan K695 pointsBadges:

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