• problem occured while running a qsh command

    The following command wrote ABC to my data area. (as a text value)  

    munduuu420 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 Profile Getting Disabled All the Time

    I have a user who keeps getting disabled from the as400. 3-4 times a day she will be disabled and i can not figure out why. I dont know yet if this is a user to keyboard interface error but any feedback would be much appreciated.

    Jrbednarek1135 pointsBadges:
  • Space offset is outside current limit for object

    I have a batch job COAMR0 which runs the RPG program (COAPR2). In RPG program if business logic fails, I want to terminate the program and like to generate DUMP of the program. Recently COAMR0 taking too much CPU time when it executing DUMP operation. I found this when I was debugging COAPR2 which...

    svmanoj16665 pointsBadges:
  • How do i end inactive jobs where I am using pass through as they are in event wait not display wait?

    I need to monitor for inactive jobs that are using pass through and are in a event wait instead of display wait, so the QINACTITV does not work for me.

    Bush4110 pointsBadges:
  • Using system() function in RPG IV

    Could someone please tell why this doesn't work? Path = '\SOMENAME. I get a CPF006 ('Errors occurred in command.') The message in the joblog is 'String '\XMLDATA\A' contains a character that is not valid.' D path S 63A Varying D cpfmsg S 7A Import('_EXCP_MSGID') D command S 1024A Varying D system...

    GLinds0125 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 ODCB table link

    When i link tables with a ODBC driver then some table won't give me any records (I link into microsoft access. But I do see the column headings. I the record fields I get: #Name? Is this an AS400 problem, ODCB or Access ?

    Davidfromnetherlands15 pointsBadges:
  • Problem with SSIS & AS400, Source is AS400, Dest is SQL2005

    When I'm trying to retrieve data from AS400, I received the below error: The column status returned was: "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.". How do I know which code page to use besides the default of 1252?

    Thuybui35 pointsBadges:
  • lCE

    what is level check error in AS400

    C.naveen09140 pointsBadges:
  • Error when executing RUNSQLSTM from CL program

    I am trying to use the RUNSQLSTM command. I get the error message "statement not allowed" Not really trying anything fancy. In CL program RUNSQLSTM SRCFILE(jwe/QCLSRC) SRCMBR(SQL1) + COMMIT(*NONE) In SQL1 I have SELECT mstid, SUBSTR(ftxref,1,1) AS ftxref_1, SUBSTR(HEX(SUBSTR(ftxref,2,7)),1,9) AS...

    Tcwalls5 pointsBadges:
  • HTTP Server Admin Instance

    We've i5 270 Machine with V5R4M0. When I tried to Start the HTTP Administration Admin Instance, The WRKACTJOB shows that Admin instance is starting, but few secound later Admin Instance Job ends. In the Spool of QTMHHTTP, QPJOBLOG says "Error occurred converting data. Reason 5." And Reason 5 is...

    huzaifa35 pointsBadges:
  • Remove exit point programs from the register without pgm names?

    We purchased a used AS/400. All the application programs were removed. We frequently receive a message, Exit Program not Processed. When I go to the register and select an exit point, there is no program or format listed. I am assuming the programs were delted when the application/user programs...

    zbbwoc95 pointsBadges:
  • Shake Client Access

    Anybody have a good idea on how to shake client access? I can do it in a web browser using javascript. But I want to shake client access screen. I could call some windows program if I knew of a windows program already out there that would shake the screen. I want to do this for a BIG TIME error....

    RonKoontz1,780 pointsBadges:
  • CHGPF error in Iseries v5r4

    The CHGPF command is giving error when used to change the CCSID from 37 to 285 in a pf in iseriee V5R4. The files are empty but it is showing the error as " Error occured during the update of physical file PFILEA in library LIBA using source file located in library LIBINST.."

    AS400TEC40 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 errors

    One jobs is processing 2 Million records,due to some reason,it is in MSGW wait for decimal data error. In this scnerio,what are the actions we need to perform to reply the MSGW and remove the invalid data. ( suppose the output file doesn't journaled) Plz tell me the steps to recover on this.

    Samule400160 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 SRC 000000E0

    This morning our old test AS/400 9402 was off. When we tried to IPL, we got the attention light on and an code 000000E.  Does someone knows what that error mean ? Any suggestion to revive that old thing ? Thanks in advance

    Briard25 pointsBadges:
  • for AS/400 V5R2


    Bu60 pointsBadges:
  • error while trying to login into my profile

    after typing my user id and password in the TN5250 emulator i get the following error Job 024527/QPADEV0006 started on 10/22/08 at 19:58:25 in subsystem QIN Message queue VANIS is allocated to another job. After that when i press enter i get another msg Job ended abnormally. Display the job log for...

    Jacky160 pointsBadges:
  • Getting error when converting file to csv format using CPYTOIMPF

    I am trying to convert a data file to csv format using command CPYTOIMPF. The data file cotains fields with type "O" (DBCS-Open data) and I received an error. Error id CPF2845 Code 1. How to resolve this problem? command used: CPYTOIMPF  FROMFILE(&LIB/&FILE &MBR) TOSTMF(&STMF) +...

    MayraPR5 pointsBadges:
  • Error message CPF0CBF

    I received the following error message and haven't been able to find any information on it. Has anyone seen this before? Message ID . . . . . . : CPF0CBF Severity . . . . . . . : 20 Message type . . . . . : Escape Date sent . . . . . . : 08/12/09 Time sent . . . . . . : 11:45:43 Message . . . . :...

    ADmobius185 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 Workstation error 22

    I have written expanded subfile program and display records correctly when i select one record based in the from field it is showing correctly then when i press page up it is not displaying anything and even pressing page down displaying anything. I am geeting WORKSTATION ERROR 22,23 AND 41. can...

    Karunakar5 pointsBadges:

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