• sap abap technical

    what is differences between call transaction method and session method ?

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  • Show unique values/records from a single table

    LS, In the most simple case: I've got a transparent table (ZCUST) containing Handling Unit-barcodenumbers (field: BCODEL) with related deliverynumber (field: VBELN). Since a delivery can contain multiple HU's, the deliverynumber appears the number of times it has HU's. I now would like to see only...

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  • BAPI (or other means) to change Technical Objects on a Customer Contract via VA42 ?

    Hi everyone ! I need to programmatically change (add & delete) Technical Objects (equipment with material and serial number; table = OBJK) on a Customer Contract (tcode = VA42). Does anyone know how I can do this ? Ideally, a BAPI would work best, but I have not been able find one as yet. Most...

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  • “set cursor…” has no effect

    I'm writing a list with input fields which are then validated. If an error is found, I want the cursor to be put on the invalid field but no matter how I write the "set cursor" command, the cursor always goes to the first input field. Can anybody suggest what's wrong?

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  • ALV Grid

    Can anybody recommend a good book, which explains thoroughly how ALV Grid works. I always seem to be coming across new bits I haven't encountered before.

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  • LSMW – 2 source files Associate/Map to target fields

    In a MM conversion, having two files (Header/Detail) with each being keyed with MATNR ...it is not possible to link two files to one LSMW structure? Source Structures ITEM Item |_ITEM_INVENTORY Inventory ----------------------------------- Structure Relations BGR00 Batch Input Structure for Session...

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  • Simple Object Oriented Code for ALV list

    I hv searched programs beginning with BCALV.. for OO ALV list. But they r vvvvvvvvvvv confusing. Do u hv a sample code for Simple ALV list using object oriented approach?

    Smartsap0 pointsBadges:
  • Message ID and number started to show up with text

    In 4.6C..... In a custom program, when I display a message with the syntax MESSAGE Innn WITH text-001, the message id no. and the message no. started appearing along with the text. How do I turn it off? Example: "8:050 Please enter a valid number.", wherein 8:050 is the ID no. and the msg. no.,...

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  • SAP BAPI CommitWork error DCOM Connector

    I have a VB program using BAPIs with the DCOM Connector. The BAPI object and session object are exported to an MTS server machine. In the VB program I create a global OSession object and logon to R/3 at the form load event. In one function I instantiate the BAPI Object locally with Set oBO =...

    Floridaguy510 pointsBadges:
  • Reading in a XML File from Excel into SAP

    Has anyone read an excel XML file into SAP. How did you do it? Function module? I don't want to read each line and extract the information. I'm on version 4.6C Thanks in advance. John Longo The Holland Group Inc

    Jtlongo0 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Abap (Smartforms)-2

    Is it possible to specify our own page format (Paper size) in Smartforms, I need the page format size as 210 mm x 320 mm. Or please specify how to eject the printer after printing one sheet.

    Lavanya0 pointsBadges:
  • Join icons with texts

    Hi Sap colleagues: I would like to show a icon in the middle of a text. During my tests, I've seen that only when the icon is at the beginning of the text, the icon graphic is showed but no the rest of the text. In other tests, instead to see the graphical ico, it shows me the internal code,...

    Lopezlu0 pointsBadges:
  • Business Transaction Events

    Hello. How do I find the BTE I need? For instance: I need to find the BTE that is triggered when transaction MB01 is executed. Best regards, Ileana

    Godzilla0 pointsBadges:
  • Using ABAP to link documents in R/3

    We are wanting to link word documents to transactions (specifically journal entries) in SAP. It can be done manually using object services. It can be very time consuming to access each transaction and and upload the document. Is there a way through ABAP, BDC, BAPI, or any other method to automate...

    DOCSAP0 pointsBadges:
  • Download to excel file in background task

    I have a reqyuirement to develop a program to download the table entries of the table LFBK into an excel file. This program will be scheduled in the background for a weekly reporting. I am currently using FM 'EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT' which is working fine in the foreground but not in the background....

    RaghuP0 pointsBadges:
  • Email Notification on IDOC Posting Error

    How would I go about receiving an email when a Purchase Order IDOC posts with an Error 51 code in 4.6 SAP? The purpose would be to automate the Purchase Order process by allowing POs to flow freely into SAP from the GENTRAN EDI system without having to check transaction bd87 to ensure that all POs...

    Chuckrunkle0 pointsBadges:
  • CALL TRANSACTION alternatives

    I have to call transaction MB51 from a custom program and SETing the parameter ID's is not sufficient to pass the selections required. Does any one know how to feed a VARIANT thru a call or modify a variant that the transcation can use?

    Nichola0 pointsBadges:

    Hi, I am developing an custom transaction in order to collect all email addresses of our vendors. However, I cannot find a field/table that contain this information. Thanks in Advance.. Thanks and Regards, Stelios Sabanis

    SSABANIS0 pointsBadges:
  • Email Display

    Hi All, Does anyone know the function modules that are used to display incoming email? I have a CRM workflow that is triggered by email coming into the CRM system from outside of SAP. These email are automatically stored as ad_hoc documents and the data is stored in the SOFM - SAPoffice:Folder...

    Aprovancha0 pointsBadges:
  • ABAP Performance

    Hello, is there a difference in performance when using a CASE statement instead of a chain of IF-ELSEIF statements? Thanks for any hint. Regards, Juergen

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