Secure VPN connection terminated locally by the client. Reason 440: Driver Failure.

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One of our external users is receiving an error message that reads, "Secure VPN connection terminated locally by the client. Reason 440: Driver Failure." Any ideas on what the issue might be?

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Not having any info other than what you posted makes it difficult to answer
your question.

1. Search the Cisco forums or DAGS for “Cisco VPN” and you will come across
the most typical causes.

2. Version 4.8 is stated not to work with Vista but yet, you will find
reports that some people have it up and running by inserting a line or two
in the config file and opening a couple of ports on their local router.

3. Ver 5.0 is the one that supposedly supports Vista but…. it does not
contain the firewall code. So if you use v5.0 and the server enforces that
the firewall be used – you aren’t going anywhere. Cisco states that their
vendor isn’t supplying the firewall code anymore so Cisco is simply not
going to offer it.

4. By doing the search above you may come across a modification that works
for you but it appears to be a 50/50 shot.

Some more information:

Error 440: Driver Failure

Usually related to Deterministic Network Enhancer

DNE suggestion – you can manually add the service to the local area connection.

Control Panel – Network and Internet
– Open Network and Sharing Center
– Open Manage Network Connection
– Right click on the Local Area Connection
– Select Install
– Select Service
– Select Have Disk
– Select browse and browse to c:\program files\common\Deterministic Networks\DNE\dne2000
– Select Open

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  • Labnuke99
    You will need to provide more details as there are several different "flavors" of VPN applications and software.
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  • 0T0M07734
    If your external user is using Vista, their vpn client may not be compatible with it, if they are then you get them to add it as an exception in the Vista firewall
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  • 0T0M07734
    I'm seeing that MacBooks are being used more often. Is your external user on a MacBook and Cisco's VPN client? If so, have hem/her check to see if they are using the built-in Ethernet port and have the AirPort turned on. If so, the solution is to turn off the AirPort while the Ethernet port is in use; or, unplug the Ethernet port and use the AirPort if there is WiFi available. I hear that the VPN client tries to use the AirPort to make the connection, but the MPB is using the Ethernet port. This causes a conflict and the error. Note, this is for Tiger (10.4). I don't know if this happens with Leopard (10.5).
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  • ForeverKnight
    That DNE installation suggested by KarlG works! Just make sure to select the correct Local Area Connection - choose the one which has the "Cisco Systems VPN Adapter" in the discription (in XP).
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  • Administrador
    I am with a problem in my conexção VPN and presents this error below: Secure VPN Connection Terminated locally by the Client Reason 440: Driver Failure
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  • Darby Jubb
    May I say that your information has helped me considerably, keep up the good work.
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    The DNE suggestion works. If you get error 414 after error 440, you might have to switch IPSec over UDP or straight IPSec afterwards under Modify.
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  • JimiSweden
    installing DNE on my Local Connection made it (not the card used for 3G and not the vpn card, just the standard local ethernet card) Thx Win7 SP1, VPN Client
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