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  • Tips on making your website more memorable

    Since the web is so crowded, and we're in the age of social media where we're bombarded by information, how do you make customers remember your website after they leave?

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  • Tips for marketing to the IT market

    How does the IT crowd differ from other crowds? What kind of offerings do they seem to respond to? Any tips for marketing to them?

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  • Time spent on marketing execution?

    With the impact of the recession, has more of your time been spent on marketing execution rather than strategy?

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  • Though leadership in an organization

    We are incorporating social media into our marketing programs and blogging will be a big initiative. I suggested having multiple blogs, but my boss thinks no one will listen unless it comes from the CEO. I was hoping to get some opinions on whether a company should have more than 1 thought leader...

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  • The Social Media World Forum starts in September (Sponsored)

    Effective social media marketing is far more complex than just being able to use Facebook or Twitter. Growing and nurturing a valuable online community costs time and money. Simply creating a space for your customers isn't enough; staff are required to interact with users, monitor brand...

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  • The social media role in the sales process

    What role does your social media team play in the sales organization? What role should social media play in the conversations that sales reps have?

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  • The role of customer service vs marketing in a company

    What's the difference between customer service, customer relations and marketing communications, how do/should they work jointly with each other? How do they communicate with each other and the other activities in a company?

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  • The ROI of a webinar

    What are the pros and cons of putting on a webinar? How much can you expect to spend on one webinar? Is the time and effort worth it or would we be better off using that money for some other type of program?

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  • The meta tagging process

    I'm a bit confused by meta tagging. What are meta tags? What are meta descriptions? What are meta refresh tags or meta redirect tags? How important are meta tags? How do meta keywords fit in this puzzle?

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  • The importance of branding

    How important would you say branding is to your marketing mix? What is involved in your brand strategy?

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  • The breakeven analysis

    What is a breakeven analysis and does it have any limitations?

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  • The best way to market a product

    How do I know whether the web is the best way to inform my customers about my company?

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  • The best marketing automation platform

    What is the best marketing automation platform?

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  • The best event marketing blogs

    What are the most interesting blogs you follow regarding the conference and trade show industry?

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  • Thank You emails for trade show booth attendees

    Another question for you guys... We messed up on our trade show follow-up and waited too long to send a "thank you" email to those who visited our booths and a general email to attendees who didn't visit our booth. So what now? I'm wrestling with 2 options: (1) Send an email still referencing the...

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  • Text marketing to businesses

    Is anyone using SMS/text message marketing for B2B? If so, would you mind sharing some of your ideas, experiences? I am curious if it's really possible to market to businesses this way.

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  • Technology Conference Recommendations for 2011

    I work at a software company where our main audience is IT directors and managers as well as the C suite. We have money in the budget to attend some trade shows but I want to get the most bang for our buck. Can you recommend some high quality conferences/trade shows that we should have booths at...

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  • Dimstyles

    When I change something in dimstyles it doesn't reflect on the drawing, what am I doing wrong? ex. when checking the supress leading 0 box it still in on the tolerance. and also the dimstyle changes from romans to romans$o when i check my properties. Thanks in advance

    blessedone15 pointsBadges:
  • What is cloud computing?

    I would like to know what is cloud computing. What is the use and how does it work?

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  • Is this a library list error?

    Function check. CPF0001 unmonitored by * at statement *, instruction X'0021'

    jnixon55 pointsBadges:

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