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  • Social media experts, gurus, and ninjas

    Hi everyone, I've been seeing job postings for social media ninjas and social media experts but from my understanding, social media is a new and ever-evolving field and I don't understand how someone can be an expert? And what is a ninja? I feel like these titles are just urban legends...what are...

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  • Social media engagement and ROI

    When it comes to social media, is engagement more important than ROI? Why/why not?

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  • Social media case studies and best practices

    What are some of your social media marketing success stories and failures? If you've done case studies, would you mind linking to them below and sharing them with the community?

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  • Social media and lead generation

    Which do you think are the top 5 social media sites for businesses to gain lead generation?

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  • Social media best practices

    Do you have a social media program "Must Have/Must Do" list. Any best practices you're willing to share with the community?

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  • mdm.udpValidateModel can be run twice with no side effect.

    I am new to MDS, client give me the mdm.udpValidateModel SP with @username etc. parameter. i don't know i parsed first time or executed. I again executed. will there will be any side effect . please guide me urgently. urgent. SET @User_ID = (SELECT ID FROM mdm.tblUser u WHERE u.UserName = @UserName...

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  • Social media and online communities

    How do you define "social network" and "online community?" And is there a difference?

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  • Social marketing time spend

    How much time do you (and/or your marketing staff) spend on social media sites per day? What are some best practices you follow when participating in social media for a B2B?

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  • Social bookmarking on Delicious, Digg, Reddit

    Should I be social bookmarking my own articles on sites like Delicious, Digg and Reddit?

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  • Sending in-house email marketing campaigns

    What programs do you use to send email campaigns to your house lists?

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  • Selling social media to management

    How do you sell B2B social media to your C-suite? Not everyone's lucky enough to have a management team that embraces social media in the marketing mix. What did you do/say to get them to get on-board?

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  • Should we respond to positive/negative feedback in forums?

    As always happens, we're finding lots of feedback in random forums about our products. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. We want to amplify the positive feedback but what do you think is the best way to react to the negative? Should we not respond at all? Try to get it deleted? Say a lot of...

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  • Should all lead gen responses be nurtured?

    Should all lead gen responses be nurtured, or just those judged not ready for in-person follow-up? What does your lead nurturing process look like?

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  • Should I stop nurturing leads?

    At what point do you stop nurturing leads? Do you wait until they opt out of all communications? Are there levels in which you in/decrease the nurturing? How does your nurturing program work?

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  • Seeking PR and SEO help

    Can anyone recommend some firms to help with SEO and PR? We may conduct an agency review in a couple months when our contract runs out and I'm curious who's out there and what kind of information to ask for in an RFP?

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  • Seeding questions in a webinar

    When creating an audio conference, webinar, or podcast, do you recommend using seed questions instead of answering live questions?

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  • Search marketing best practices

    Do search engines distinguish between keyword phrases and individual keywords in the meta keywords tag? Should I duplicate words in similar phrases?

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  • Search engine ranking improvements

    Will changing our URL affect our search engine rankings? How can we change URLs without losing the traffic we're already getting?

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  • Search engine page indexing and WordPress

    My website has gone through many tweaks and redesigns to make it more user-friendly. A couple of weeks after I finished the final layout (I’m using WordPress) I realized that: Search engines are only showing my very first layout. None of my new pages are being indexed. Search engines I’ve...

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  • Keyword ranking

    I’m trying to rank well for multiple keyword phrases, and I'm thinking about buying multiple domains for each. Is that a good idea or a bad idea?

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