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  • Merging two networks.

    Hello, I am looking for best was to merge two company network resources together. Company A has three Windows Server 2008 servers. One acts as a domain controller, one is a file server, and an app server. It also has a wireless network. Company B is Novell based. Two servers, one is a Novell...

    jos13145 pointsBadges:
  • ms money

    Something happened to msmoney sunset deluxe and now when i close the program the .lrd file either does not get deleted or it takes 5 minutes or more for it to go away. I can work around by stopping the msmoney.exe process in task manager, but would like it to work correctly. thanks

    anunner5 pointsBadges:
  • Social sign on lead generation

    Has anyone ever tried using social/single sign-on in order to gather leads on their marketing content? For example, instead of filling out a reg form in order to download a whitepaper, can prospects register by hitting a sign-in with the Twitter button? Is that possible?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Good book to learn SQL in AS400?

    I would like to learn SQL query, embedded SQL etc. Any suggestions from people who are in this field for many years?

    RamvishakRamesh2,505 pointsBadges:
  • Software demo best practices

    What makes for a great software demo? How many people are involved? How personalized is it? How long? What are some of your software demo best practices?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • QPFRADJ – Set to Automatically needs a IPL?

    Performance issue and suggestion to set the QPFRADJ (Performance adjustment) to Automatic...does that needs an IPL?

    AS400PERFORMACE60 pointsBadges:
  • Is my router WRT120N still effective?

    I am using CISCO router WRT120N in my Internet Cafe. Now I have a plan to increase the number of computers to 50 PCs. Is my router WRT120N still effective? Note: I don't provide Wifi for clients.

    Markken20 pointsBadges:
  • Google Chrome & BSOD

    I have an old Shuttle X computer with Sempron chip, 1 GB RAM The computer has been running fine for about 5 years. I installed Google Chrome Browser Because Gmail is forcing customers to use the Chrome Browser. Now I have experienced 2 BSODs in the last two days, browser installed three days ago. I...

    valmsmith870 pointsBadges:
  • Social Networks vs. Online Community

    Is there a difference between an online community and a social network? What do you think? Is one better than the other?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media vs. traditional media channels: A complement or a replacement?

    Does modern day social media have the power to overthrow traditional media channels (press, TV, etc.) and replace it, or should social media be considered as a complement to the whole media strategy?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social Media use in B2B Companies

    Everywhere I turn, speakers are talking about using social media to promote brands. TJ Maxx is promoting their Facebook fan page on their commercials instead of their website. There are like buttons next to the jeans I want to buy at I get it--social media is important. However, since...

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media is turning marketing into customer service

    Is anyone else's social media usage forcing marketing to act like customer service or tech support? We spend hours talking to customers on Twitter who have a problem with the product or the price. Does that mean we're not using it right? Should we just ignore that stuff? Should we hire someone to...

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media selling

    Have you made any sales, directly linked to your social media efforts? How did you measure it, and what did you do?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social Media Reporting Applications (Radian6, Meltwater Buzz)

    Are social media tools like Radian6 or Meltwater Buzz worth the money? Would it just be cheaper to hire a low-level marketing coordinator to track and report social media buzz?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Large data text block in Crystal Reports 8.5

    My report has a large text block, this is causing problems because it keep jumping to the second page rather than starting from page one spilling over to page two naturally.

    bmw1235 pointsBadges:
  • Social media experts, gurus, and ninjas

    Hi everyone, I've been seeing job postings for social media ninjas and social media experts but from my understanding, social media is a new and ever-evolving field and I don't understand how someone can be an expert? And what is a ninja? I feel like these titles are just urban legends...what are...

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media engagement and ROI

    When it comes to social media, is engagement more important than ROI? Why/why not?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media case studies and best practices

    What are some of your social media marketing success stories and failures? If you've done case studies, would you mind linking to them below and sharing them with the community?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media and lead generation

    Which do you think are the top 5 social media sites for businesses to gain lead generation?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Social media best practices

    Do you have a social media program "Must Have/Must Do" list. Any best practices you're willing to share with the community?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:

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