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  • Forms vs. user accounts

    Is it better to use forms in front of marketing content or to have the user create an account that they have to login to in order to download content? From a user's perspective, it seems like it would be better to have an account to save time. Does anyone have any experience with forms vs user...

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  • For a large budget, what events provide the best ROI?

    We have a pretty good-sized budget. In your experience, have you gained a lot of value out of sponsoring events like RSA or Infosec?

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  • Finding affiliate marketing partners

    How do I go about researching and finding prospective businesses for affiliate marketing?

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  • Features and benefits in marketing content assets

    When writing whitepapers and datasheets, should the content be feature-focused or benefit-focused? And can you provide some examples of each?

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  • Explaining link popularity

    Can you explain "link popularity" and how it helps?

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  • Event Marketing ROI

    Do you think conference marketing is important? Why? Do you get good return on the time, money, and effort spent?

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  • Engaging social media for an event

    What's the best way to engage social media for an event? Have you used this method for marketing an event? What are some lessons you've learned?

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  • Email vs. Social vs. Online Marketing

    Which do think is more important to your marketing plan: email, online or social media?

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  • Email subject line tips

    I've read that email subject lines shouldn't be longer than 7 words, but should I follow a character limit? And what about adding punctuation? I also know that you shouldn't use "Free" and "Buy Now" and other similar phrases in your subject lines -- is there a trustworthy guide of terms/phrases...

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  • Email optimization for improved link reporting

    Can someone share some tips on how to optimize email campaigns for better link reports?

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  • Email newsletter op-out policy

    If the recipient of my email newsletter is given the choice to opt-out, will it not be marked as spam?

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  • Email marketing software and services providers

    What e-mail marketing companies have you used (ie, iContact, Constand Contact, etc)? Would you recommend them? Would you mind sharing a little of your feedback?

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  • Email marketing ROI

    What are some of the ways that can help you make your e-mail marketing more valuable to your customers?

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  • Email marketing format best practices

    How should I determine the format of my e-mail marketing communications? When should I use HTML and when should I use plain text?

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  • Email marketing best practices

    Would you mind sharing some of your email marketing best practices and success stories from 2010? Have you learned of some things not to do?

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  • Is your data center ready for Frankenstorm?

    Given the massive storm that is predicted to hit the East Coast over the next couple of days, I'm wondering what steps people are taking to ensure servers remain up. Any special precautions your organization is taking? Do you have a particular set of guidelines you follow in preparation for storms...

    Ben Rubenstein5,030 pointsBadges:

    The answer the pretest gives is A. From all definitions of CYCLE, to me it appears the correct answer is C. Please explain. Thanks. CREATE SEQUENCE seq1 START WITH 100 INCREMENT BY 10 MAXVALUE 200 CYCLE NOCACHE; The sequence SEQ1 has generated numbers up to the maximum limit of 200. You issue the...

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  • Server Name

    Before I can download PHP I need to know what is my server name, such as Apache or something else. I'm using a PC that's a community computer. How do I find the name of the server?

    swydell45 pointsBadges:
  • Cannot connect to Oracle listener on Virtual PC

    Hi all, from my Win7 host, I cannot connect to port 1521 for Oracle 11g SE running under a virtual PC running in XP mode. Neither SQL-Plus nor SQL Developer get a connection, although the db is running and locally reachable as tested with SQL-Plus on the guest system. SQL Developer says ”The...

    TheLibran15 pointsBadges:
  • how to add jbuttons on canvas in java?

    I am developing a computer game using java swing and adding graphics to it. now i want to add a menu list on the canvas like most of the other games. I don't want to add menu to the menubar . This is my code so far which has a blank screen: import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.MouseEvent;...

    hussain22juzer500 pointsBadges:

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