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  • Hosted web-based email versions

    Do you include a hosted web-based version of all/any of your emails? Is it bad not to? What's the purpose?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Guide to social media for B2B

    Can anyone help me out with a recommendation for a comprehensive guide on how to start using social media for B2B marketing purposes?

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  • Graphic Design to Marketing career, is there a link?

    I have 5 years in the graphic design industry and have worked very closely with marketing managers, so I feel I've learned a thing or two. Do you think marketing is linked to graphic design and it would be an easy transition since they're both part of a creative field?

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  • Google’s indexing of new website

    We have launched a new version of our website and our rankings are rising and falling daily. How will we know when Google has fully indexed the new site?  How can we tell how much progress Google has made in indexing the new site?

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  • Google+

    What are your first impressions of Google+? Do you think the social media site can be incorporated into your B2B social media plans?

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  • Google PagRank

    My Google Page Rank is currently a 3. If it changes to a 4 during the next update will I see a spike in rankings?

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  • Google Analytics

    My company is getting very serious about measuring online results in 2011. I've never used Google Analytics before but I know that's probably one of, if not the best tools. What do I need in order to sign up for and start measuring results. What are the 3 most important things to measure?

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  • Google Adwords Remarketing

    Has anyone done testing using Google Adwords Remarketing? If you are going to do PPC, looks like a more targeted approach than strictly keywords.

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  • Going for a Masters in Marketing

    I had a chat with a friend, and fellow marketer, the other day and she was thinking about going back to school to get her Masters Degree in marketing--what are your thoughts on a move like that? Do you think a Masters is necessary? In marketing, is education or experience more important? Will you...

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  • AS/400 has a performance issue after OS upgrade from V5R4 to V7R1

    AS/400 has a performance issue after OS upgrade from V5R4 to V7R1? Any specific requirement? Performance tunning/Monitoring option ?

    AS400PERFORMACE60 pointsBadges:
  • Global vs. International Marketing

    Are 'global marketing' and 'international marketing' considered the same thing?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Getting management to review our content

    I am trying to find a way to enhance my SEO and social media efforts. It looks like we've done all we can from an 'on-page' and 'directory' perspective. What I'm working on now is creating more blog posts and articles for my site. I am creating short helpful video tips, etc. Trying to boost up...

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  • Get more web traffic, spend less money

    How do you get more traffic to your website without spending too much money?

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  • Generating and managing social leads

    Do you use social media for lead generation? If so, what have you seen to be most effective methods/venues for generating quality leads? Do you or your sales team manage these leads any differently than leads generated through traditional channels?

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  • Gathering testimonials through social media

    I've been tasked with gathering some customer testimonials to include on my company website. My initial thought is that the most effective way to get testimonials is through social media. Does anyone have any experience collecting testimonials? If so, what have you found to be the most effective...

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  • Gated Customer Stories

    Should B2B tech case studies (also known as customer success stories) be hidden behind a reg form OR set free for anyone to access, read and download?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Gaining new relationships through mobile marketing

    Since mobile provides a highly personal channel for customer communications, how can your B2B use it to start new dialogues and forge new relationships with business audiences?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Gaining blog content

    Do you have any suggestions as far as where I can get more content for my blog?

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • Forms vs. user accounts

    Is it better to use forms in front of marketing content or to have the user create an account that they have to login to in order to download content? From a user's perspective, it seems like it would be better to have an account to save time. Does anyone have any experience with forms vs user...

    TechnologyMarketers6,240 pointsBadges:
  • For a large budget, what events provide the best ROI?

    We have a pretty good-sized budget. In your experience, have you gained a lot of value out of sponsoring events like RSA or Infosec?

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