• Recursive CTE With UNION gives error

    why can’t we use , just “UNION” instead of “UNION ALL” in the recursive CTE’s. If I use just UNION in the recursive CTE it is throwing error. Can you please help me out? Example, CREATE TABLE te (sno int) Go INSERT INTO te VALUES (1),(4),(10) Go ;WITH ctemax(maxsno,minsno) AS (SELECT...

    RecursiveCTE15 pointsBadges:
  • Update duplicate record in rpgle

    I have a file where in filed1, field2 and field3 are key fields. Now these key fields are not unique, I need to update field 4, 5 and 6 based on the selection by user via subfile. To say f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 A0123 A0123A *FILE CLM/D07 D07 1 A0123 A0123A *FILE CLM/D08 D08 2 A0123 A0123A *FILE CLM/D05...

    nasrunisar55 pointsBadges:
  • TCP/IP Host Table Entries

    When i enter TCP/IP Host Table Entries could see list of all server and their IP's. my question is these are the systems connects to BRMS network or there any other relation so they appear here?

    Dinnu360 pointsBadges:
  • report server in win7 machine

    report server not running in windows2007 client machine

    7109810 pointsBadges:
  • convertion of html to ear file

    how can we convert HTML file to .EAR FILE

    421380 pointsBadges:
  • stop an email from continuing to send

    I sent an email with a large attachment that was delivered to the recipient but they continue to receive it about every 45 minutes. their mail bax is full and now I keep getting a Delivery failure, delivery has timed out. how do I stop it from sending ?? I\'ve deleted it from all the folders??

    mark196615 pointsBadges:
  • forget mobile tracker password

    forget my mobile tracker password

    80595942635 pointsBadges:
  • to display output

    to display output what we use

    todisplayoutputwhatweuse10 pointsBadges:
  • DB2

    why DB2 is called as Universal Database????

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv10 pointsBadges:
  • Terminology “True” SAN or “Emulated” SAN

    Dear Memebers, my senior is talking about in a discussion type of SAN according to him there are two types one is True and one Emulated when i ask him to explain the difference so explained that in a Emulated SAN there is layer in between hardware like NETApp's WAFL he also explained that in...

    storageareanetwork10120 pointsBadges:
  • Q&A on Oracle EBS R12

    Is there any place on the internet where I can practice test questions for Oracle Applications?

    oraebs19795 pointsBadges:
  • outlook email and blackberry calender

    I want to send calender invitation to 10 people on behalf of my boss. The invitee should get the email in Outlook 2007/2003 and when the invitee ACCEPTs the invitation, it should be seen in his Outlook calender and his blackberry calender also. I searched internet for this information but not able...

    COMPMOBACC5 pointsBadges:
  • external hard drive

    tow days ago i had a problem with my external hard drivewhen i pluged it in my cp told that u shuld format itthen i desided to solve this problem by myself i have used hiren boot cd (partition recovery) to recover the partitions but it dosent work and it become worst now it dosent appear in my...

    simafard10 pointsBadges:
  • ingiltere vizesi

    Olarak 18 Haziran 2012 tarihinde hükümet tarafından açıklanan, Göçmen Temyiz (Aile Ziyaretçi) Yönetmeliği 2012 (9 Temmuz 2012) bugün yürürlüğe girer.Düzenlemeleri Birleşik Krallık'ta ailesini ziyaret için ingiltere vizesi reddine karşı itiraz tam bir hakkı nitelendirir kim...

    southend5 pointsBadges:
  • Restore SQL Server 2008 database backup error specified cast is not valid

    Received a SQL Serer 2008 database backup newdatabase.bak from a site in UK and attempted to restore it onto my server in USA. Receive error . I assume this is a Server Collation difference issue. Can anyone help me overcome this so that I may be able to restore this backup on my SQL Server 2008...

    TLMercer45 pointsBadges:
  • Options for compiling VB code to executable

    Hello everyone, I have a question about the making of .exe file using Visual Basic I don’t think it matters what version but I’m using VB4. When doing the compiling from code to executable I press the File tab then go down to make exe. File and then I have a button for options I’ve never used...

    TheFinder1,940 pointsBadges:
  • zoning

    Hi, I have 5 servers each with two HBAs and there are two switches. Storage array has 4 ports. If I want redundancy, how many zoned needed to get redundancy? CX4-120

    vibes150 pointsBadges:
  • Error message when trying to save information in shared outlook 07 calendar

    In outlook 07, i share a calendar with a group, each week they are to go in and update information on the calendar, when they try to do so and save it they get an error message;the function cannot be performed because the message has been changed. Everyone is the group has full permissions for this...

    KatB5 pointsBadges:
  • VBA Array Loop

    Hello, Can anyone help me with VBA code that creates an array from a range of cells (A1:E1), loops through the array and performs a function. I already have the function now I need to create the array and loop. Thank you...

    ClaireJosie40 pointsBadges:
  • Do we need to compile LF when its PF changes

    Hi, I have one small query. I have changed one PF, do I need to recompile it's dependent LF(s) ? For e.g I have earlier a PF say PF1 having 4 fields A,B,C,D (with keys A,B) now I have added a new field E. Do I need to recompile its dependent LFs say LF1,LF2.. Appreciate your quick response !

    pankaj2r100 pointsBadges:

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