adjuljenebekoroma10 pointsBadges:
  • adobe flash player

    How do I download adobe flash player for my tablet

    randyfromwy10 pointsBadges:
  • MFT Vs MFTaaS

    Hi What are the advantages of MFTaaS over MFT?

    Swatz12310 pointsBadges:
  • Linux Clustering

    what is linux Clustering and why we should use this?

    kamaleshkumar2315 pointsBadges:
  • attachments

    when I write a new msg, I do not have the option to make an attachment. would you please help me? Thank you

    bacats15 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Excel 32 bit

    I am running on Window 7 Home Premium. I am having trouble installing an Accounting software which runs only on Microsoft Excel 32 bit. Everytime I download the software the system is telling me it can not find a folder with Excel, that I have to select a folder which contains Excel 32. How do I do...

    Learning050 pointsBadges:
  • User Profile mass change

    I have a large number of user profiles I will have to change the group profile for. If they are an employee of one company they will have a different probile than an employee of a different company. Does anyone have some simple CL that I can use to accomplish this rather than doing it manually?

    northwoods175 pointsBadges:
  • CCNA Question

    This is confusing to me unless I am not seeing the bigger picture.It says configure the router Ip addresses on the E0 and S0 interfaces so that the E0 receives the 11th usable subnet while the S0 receives the 4th usable subnet from the network Both interfaces should receive the...

    sed4521d5 pointsBadges:
  • Unified Communication Mobility System

    Our company owns and/or manages 6-7 companies across the US. Most of the companies have a land line as well as virtual numbers; however a significant amount of business is done on cell phones for each company. I am trying to find a phone solution that utilizes the existing land lines, virtual...

    LoydM5 pointsBadges:
  • how do you open a tst file?

    I have an old tst file what will open it? I am on a mac.

    gschell21915 pointsBadges:
  • Securitiy Auditing in AS400

    Dear all ! In our company we are using power 720 server for our application. Some of us in the Admin side we have the access to all the objects and can do any changes. But i as a super admin i just want to record all the activities of another person like changes in PF and job ending and all...

    Sureyz2,300 pointsBadges:
  • More than 50 files in RPG?

    How can i declare more than 50 files in RPG/400 program?

    csuoaananth75 pointsBadges:
  • JOBD

    How to change jobd while job running

    shajahan10 pointsBadges:
  • Forget SQL Server Password?

    Last week, I have forgotten SQL Server password and I am not able to get any solution from anywhere. It’s very important for me. Please give me such software that helps me to reset or recover SQL password. Thanks in advance!

    ClientsQuery10 pointsBadges:
  • Resizing the fonts in the spool file

    How to change the size of the font in the spool file? While Compiling the spool file , I gave some numeric values to the one of the parameter in CHGPRTF Command but it did not work Font: Identifier . . . . . . . . . . *CPI Character value, *CPI... Point size . . . . . . . . . . 000.1-999.9, *NONE...

    assa150 pointsBadges:
  • Differences between ASA and PIX

    I am pretty new to Cisco, Please help me to get the rough idea about Differences between ASA and PIX; If possible please provide the examples. And in my environment we are having the below series devices. Is there any configuration changes/Command line differences will be there...? If there please...

    yans112112290 pointsBadges:
  • Business Intelligence startup

    Hi Members, I am new to this community.I have done BTech in computer science in 2012 and currently working on Visual Studio 2010 C# Asp.net SQL Server 2010.My interest is in artificial intelligence,Data mining and warehousing,algorithms,pattern Recognition etc.So I choose to make startup in BI and...

    Nileshwar10 pointsBadges:
  • screen is blank

    Our screen will not come on !what did i do???

    Jchris20 pointsBadges:
  • The dielectric

    Is the dielectric = n+k

    Nadia7310 pointsBadges:
  • Desktop

    How do I get the Desktop Icon Screen to show up after I log in ? Screen is blank. How do I recover to an earlier date ?

    stingeray10 pointsBadges:

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