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  • How can I play MPG file on Mac OS 6.4

    How can I play MPG file on Mac OS 6.4

    GaiaSutton5 pointsBadges:
  • how can i restrict the cmd prompt usage of a /multiple user in exchange 2007 and 2010

    how can i restrict the cmd prompt for a single / multiple in 2007 and how will i do in 2010 , is there any difference

    karthi615 pointsBadges:
  • Default Permission

    What is the default permission for Exchange 2007 SP3?

    Behrouz5 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2007 GALS in two domains

    Here's our Exchange 2007 Scenario. (2 Exchange Servers on a different forest) For ABC.COM Exchange domain 250 mailbox users, 300 mail contacts that we added to represent the other Exchange DEF.LOCAL domain users and 60 Distribution groups. For DEF.LOCAL Exchange domain 200 mailbox users, 350 mail...

    gp969505 pointsBadges:
  • Cannot get into EMC or ECS 2010

    I installed Exchange 2010 and that seemed to go with out a hitch now I cannot get into the EMC or the shell to setup the server. I want to uninstall the server and reinstall but I cannot because it is a bridgehead to an older Exchange 2003 environment. Without the EMC or ECS working, how can you...

    Dayj11745 pointsBadges:

    why can't I access

    VLace15 pointsBadges:
  • Providing a text about Next-generation packet optical switching Network.

    I am looking forward to provide a text to me about above mentioned subject on my e-mail

    a1b1c1d1e525 pointsBadges:
  • how to use the oracle 10 g data in form6i

    i have create the forms for using oracle 10 g data in form 61. but while running the forms its show no record found but the same table i have use in Sql plus its shows the data. could you tell us why its happen

    shanthikambothi7110 pointsBadges:
  • How to decrypt an encrypted lotus archive

    OK i am in a situationI was using my id file with my archive happily untill i got this new id file. I mapped my archive (.nsf) it worked well initially with new id file but it stopped working,Local Id team said we have to encrypt or decrypt the archive. he did something and now1. Now my old id file...

    kaurkomal5 pointsBadges:
  • .net

    what is exact meaning of deploy in .net defination ?

    snehalsutar5 pointsBadges:
  • Why SharePoint 2013? Making the business case for SharePoint

    I am logged in and trying to read this article and it won't open the page even though I am signed in.

    Mtyson7915 pointsBadges:
  • Export Arabic data from AS/400 folder to Excel

    How to export data from AS/400 folder containing Arabic data in to Excel

    Jaipalsingh5 pointsBadges:
  • antivirus

    Device is running in High privilege mode can anyone explain what this means and how to stop this?

    deanoj19715 pointsBadges:
  • V7R1 with UPS and power failure

    Is there a way in V7R1 to receive notification of a power failure across the network, eliminating the need for a serial cable connection?

    ccarlisle5 pointsBadges:
  • Running Program (RPG) outside AS/400

    Hi, Is there a way I can run my RPG program on AS/400 without using or calling it on green screen?

    vantupert5 pointsBadges:
  • Host Variables in SQL Embbeded in Cobol

    I have this piece of code in SQLCBLLE source member: identification division. program-id. TST02. data division. working-storage section. Exec Sql Include SQLCA End-Exec. 01 TR01-REC. COPY DDS-ALL-FORMATS OF TST1PF. 01 TEST-REC. 05 WS-FLD1 like FLD1. linkage section. procedure division....

    LuisPedro5 pointsBadges:
  • Search in qualified data strucuture

    Hi, I used qualified data structure in RPGLE program. How to search in this data structure. My Coding: D Address DS D dvadd 20 D dvphn 20 D dvcity 20 D dvctry 20 D InvoiceInfo DS QUALIFIED DdvType1 1 2 DdvType2 3 4 D MailAddr LikeDS(Address) D ShipAddr LikeDS(Address)...

    LakNar270 pointsBadges:
  • Event 1058 & 1030

    What is meant by "Event 1058 & 1030?"

    CBorschel5 pointsBadges:
  • Lotus Notes Copy 200k emails from damage mail file.

    Good afternoon. I'm new at working with Notes. And I need some help. I have over 200k mail that needs to be copied to a new mail file. Some of the files are broken. I can't use copy and paste. I'm trying to make a script but can't find the right commands. The database I like to copy from is...

    Jacke855 pointsBadges:
  • HMC lost the connection with managed system

    I have server 9406 type 520 HMC lost the connection with the managed system but users still working normally !! is there a way to reconnect without switching off the managed system

    abar1425 pointsBadges:

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