Is it possible to get a PDF from AS400 spool file?

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Is this possible? Is it really possible to get a PDF from spool file? Nothing seems to work. :-( I was trying to convert PDF in iSeries Navigator. I put a spool file, right click, convert to pdf, asks me whether I want a new printer, I say yes, starts a printer then a writer but then everything stops. Printer is stopped. I tried also to make a PSF file and a device with IPDS, also the same. Everything goes well until I link PSF (for PDF conversion) with IPDS file. Then I cant start the printer. I tried some free PDF conversion tools like SPLF2PDF but I can't copy MBRs to my Library file. I get an error (not a qdls member). Does anyone know a normal solution? If there is some nice sole that knows how to do it pls send me the full working answer. I'm not a pro. So pls post yr answers detailed. Thank you very much.

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We’ve also had issues with SPLF2PDF. Sometimes it will work fine though but as you said, issues with the Library. We’ve used RPM for the PDF. They came out with a new version that does native PDF. Some of our clients use it and speak highly of it. Check it out at

Best of luck to you!

“Catapult” is a real nice tool to convert to pdf and electronically distribute the pdf to other users.

Check it out.

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  • DanBubis
    We use, and have for a long time, CutePDF - It installs as a printer driver and the end user can simply select it as the active printer from their printer session. You have to install Ghostscript as well but it is also a freebie. You can also use it to print from Client Access. You can also use Win2PDF but unless you're a registered user it prints an extra sheet at the end of your document that has their self promo in the footer. It really doesn't get any easier than CutePDF though.
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  • WoodEngineer
    We have used Gumbo Software's SNDSPLMAIL for years. Works great. We have never had a problem with it. It is reasonably priced and comes with tons of features. We wrote a program to monitor an output queue and use SNDSPLMAIL to convert the AS/400 spool file to PDF and e-mail it to the user who ran the report. Our folks really like this. It has really reduced the number of reports we print because most users can get the needed info by just viewing the report on the screen.
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  • WoodEngineer
    Bradley Stone also sells a top notch PDF conversion tool for the AS/400. We have used some of his tools for a long time also. Very reliable with good support.
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  • Infitech
    Im am trying to use CutePDF to print from the as400 to pdf but am having some problems. right now i set up a print session that points to cutePDF. It creates the file, but it is blank. Can someone walk me through how to configure the printer in the as400 or the print session properly so it will work with a pdf printer? i kind of fumbuled around that part and think thats where i made my errors.
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  • Tw
    We also use SpoolMail from Gumbo Software. It is a nice product.
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  • Infitech
    Okay now i can print to pdf from the spool managment. all i changed was the "Host print transform" was set to yes and i changed it to no.
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  • jkreger
    Try using Primo PDF with a print session pointing to it. it solved all the issues and was easy to do.
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  • anamariau
    WoodEngineer - I have seen you are very pleased about SNDSPLMAILSNDSPLMAIL. Can you, please, help me with some advice:
    I need to use on overlay form so I use the 
    keyword PDFOVL in SNDSPLMAIL command. Is there a possibility to rotate the overlay? 
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  • azohawk

    If you have the IBM Access Client (not Client Access) the printer output converts nicely.

    I have also used the following in a CL program:

                 JOB(&SRC_JNBR/&SRC_JUSR/&SRC_JNAME) +  
                 SPLNBR(&SRC_SPLNBR) CRTDATE(*ONLY) +   
                 TOSTMF('/QDLS/myfolder/filename.pdf') +  
                 WSCST(*PDF) STMFOPT(*REPLACE)          
    SNDDST     TYPE(*DOC) TOINTNET((&EMAILNM)) +        
                 DSTD('Requested PDF document') +       
                 DOC(filename.PDF) FLR(myfolder) +        
                 DOCID(*NONE) AUTHOR(*USRID)            


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  • TheRealRaven
    If you have the IBM Access Client (not Client Access)...

    I'm not aware of a product named "IBM Access Client". Is there a product number? There is "IBM i Access" ("...for Windows" or "...for Linux", etc.) and "
    IBM i Access Client Solutions". Both are current versions of Client Access.

    Also, it's not a good idea to copy anything new into a /QDLS document. And SNDSMTPEMM should be preferred to SNDDST in all current OS releases.
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