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We have A LOT of jobs scheduled through the Advanced Job Scheduler (wrkjobjs).  We have to do some system maintenance and need to prevent the scheduled jobs from starting while we perform the maintenance. In the past, the operator has gone through the entire list of jobs on the scheduler and put all the jobs on hold individually that might start during that time frame. In addition to being time consuming it is also subject to human error (missed holds or releases). I believe there is a command that can hold the entire job scheduler, but am unsure of the specifics. Does anyone know of such a command and how it works? And if there is a command to hold the job scheduler, how is it restarted? When it is restarted, do the jobs that were scheduled to run while it was on hold start automatically, or must they be submitted manually?

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HLDJOBSCDE and RLSJOBSCDE both have an option for *ALL


I had a scenario similiar to yours at a large shop where dozens of jobs where manually being held then released.
Instead of holding then releasing the scheduled jobs, we held the few jobqs they were submitted to then released those after maintenance was complete.
In some instances, we had to change the number of threads in the jobq to single threaded to ensure certain jobs completed before others started. The subsystem does not have to be ended then restarted to take effect, it can be done of the fly.


Why not just end the scheduler (command ENDJS), do whatever needs to be done, then start the scheduler (command STRJS) when you’re finished?


Tom’s method may be the best way to handle this. Yes you can hold everything with HLDJOBSCDE. The issue is when you go to release it. If you had any jobs already on hold before the hold command was issued, a RLSJOBSCDE releases everything. Even those you may not want to run,

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  • Sagarika
    How to reschedule a single job on AS400?
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  • Sagarika
    HI There, There is a maintanace work scheduled and i need to put a job on hold. Can some one advice how i can put a single job on hold? Thanks in advance.
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  • TomLiotta
    How is the job scheduled now? -- Tom
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  • ToddN2000
    To put one job on hold use WRKJOBSCDE. Find the job in question and flag with a "3". That will hold the job. When you want to restart it flag it with a "6".
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    The Job Scheduler is now a system job and can not be stopped or started without running a IPL. Save the QDFTJOBSCD object "Normal" production status to a *SAVF. HLDJOBCDE *all Maintenance completed: Restore the "Normal" configuration QUSRSYS/QDFTJOBSCD from the *SAVF Good Luck!
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  • shaychuk
    ENDJS/STARTJS are for advanced job scheduler, not system job scheduler so I believe it won't help in this case.
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