fiber oct lines could it be used wifi broadcasting? what would be the good and bad of using it?

Fiber optic networking
using fiber opt. line for wifi, what the good and bad for this? also i want to build a kit for rv users to have to get wifi a antenna to mount and everything needed to pick up wifi. what would you suggest for this kit and it should pick up a mile away in any direction without being moved and work in all weather? also to set up a rv park for wifi how would you suggest i do this and what should i use to set this up? for me im still learning please reply with laymens terms. thankyou for your time in helping me with this

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  • James Murray
    Dclarencecart interesting question, so I'm confused why you would setup a cell phone or smart phone as your remote connection to your RV users? You haven't share your reason for setting up the Wifi connections. What type of information will need to be accessed? What types of devices will the end users be accessing data from (Computer, Phone, PDA...???) ? Will the data need to be real time, or batch? An interesting problem but my first thought is why not setup all the information to run across cell towers and collected on smart phones. The problem with Wifi is the distances. when weather is an issue and there are moving vehicles, such as an RV radio waves are the only answer. The problem is that most digital signals can't be broadcast easily across a mile distance. Hills, buildings etc require a very strong signal and/or very high antenas. If there are a lot of users broadcasting data, there will need to be a system in place for delineating the signals of each user to very small places. In this system the end device will need to connect with one or two antenana(s) and not broadcase on all antenas in the system. If the user is moving away from one antena and towards another antena, the system will need to track this movement and transfer data transmission from one antena to the other. It's a complex problem to solve yourself, but one the cell phone companies have taken care of. There really is no simple answer to your problem without a great deal more understanding of your problem.
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  • Noe
    You should mention what devices you decided to use, because having an internet connection on your cellphone and getting one through the computer are two different things that require different steps and certain internet security software for each.
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