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March 17, 2010  5:09 PM

Google Apps Status Dashboard available

Posted by: Troy Tate
gmail, Google, Google Apps, Google Groups, Google Talk, Postini, service reporting, sla, sla management

Google has an Apps Status Dashboard website where users of Google Apps such as Google Mail, Google Talk and even Postini services can see current service status. This replaces the previous dashboards or stoplight service reporting...

October 15, 2009  12:51 PM

Google’s Postini services restored – cascading issues caused message delivery issues

Posted by: Troy Tate
antispam, antivirus, Cloud Services, corrective actions, Google, incident report, root cause analysis, saas, service level, service outage

I recently posted about Google’s Postini - cloud email security service - delivery issues. This is a follow-on post about the incident root cause...

October 13, 2009  7:59 PM

Google’s Postini – cloud email security service – delivery issues

Posted by: Troy Tate
antispam, antivirus, Cloud Services, Google, saas, service level, service outage

Since very early today, US Eastern Daylight Time, Google's Postini services have been experiencing some service issues. It is unknown as of this writing as to the cause or full scope of the issue. However, when logging into the Postini support portal, an administrator is given the following status...

September 16, 2009  6:41 PM

Google search results serve up malware – I’ve had the crime of my life

Posted by: Troy Tate
browser security, drive-by attack, Google, information security, malicious software, malware, search results, software, software security

Well, that may not be news to you. However, there is a recent trend in malware propagation that uses Google as the portal to deliver payloads to visitors. Unsuspecting users go to Google and search for topics such as Patrick Swayze's death or the controversy about Serena Williams cursing at the...

February 3, 2009  7:41 PM

Will Microsoft ever get search right?

Posted by: Troy Tate
documentation, Google, Live search, Microsoft, Microsoft Live, Powershell, search

I am looking for some documentation on Powershell to better understand how to use it. Per Wikipedia: Windows PowerShell is an extensible

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October 27, 2008  8:52 PM

Did you see this? – (Wire)Sharkfest 2008 videos – including Vint Cerf – now available

Posted by: Troy Tate
analysis, education, forensics, Google, howto, internet, IT education, LAN, Linux, man-in-the-middle, Metrics, Microsoft Windows, Monitoring, network analysis, Network TAPs, Networking, packet capture, Performance, performance monitoring, reporting, research, Security, toolkit, tools, troubleshooting, WAN, web, wireshark

Checkout the Sharkfest 2008 videos at If you use Wireshark or want to learn network troubleshooting, this is one of the best resources you can have in your toolkit. The videos will give you a better...

July 8, 2008  5:12 PM

Browser warnings – Danger Will Robinson! – or did it just cry “Wolf!”?

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, antivirus, awareness, botnet, Data security, Development, Firefox, forensics, Google, honeynet, honeypot, IT education, malware, Metrics, online identity, Policy, policy enforcement, reporting, Security, web, website, WWW

I sometimes browse the internet using Firefox. I say sometimes because Internet Explorer is the standard browser at my company and Firefox is not supported by IT. Well, since I work in IT, sometimes you have to test things on behalf of users and also to see how certain sites are different depending...


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