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August 27, 2010  2:12 PM

Friday fun: HEADLINE: Microsoft Windows glider crashes

Posted by: Troy Tate
flugtag, fun, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Vista, Windows Vista, Windows XP, XP

Well, the headline may be tongue-in-cheek but this is truly a fun story for a Friday. The Register reports the Microsoft Phoenix glider fails to show the "right stuff" in the recent Red Bull Flugtag competition...

May 28, 2010  6:49 PM

Friday fun – The Geek Alphabet

Posted by: Troy Tate
education, fun, geek

Okay, I know school is getting out for most students across the US about this time of year, but learning never stops. How about turning your children or students onto the Geek Alphabet? This is where A is...

May 27, 2010  5:46 PM

Particle accellerators – how about balloon accellerators?

Posted by: Troy Tate
fun, particle accelleration, science

We have all probably heard about the Large Hadron Collider and the physicists excitement about the results of collisions of unseen particles. Well, for those of us more visually inclined, check out the video below of...

January 29, 2010  1:27 PM

Weekend fun for Geeks, Techies, Nerds – Techland!

Posted by: Troy Tate
fun, gadgets, geek, jokes, nerd, news, technology, videos

Time magazine, one of the busiest marketing engines on the planet (if you don't believe me.... what about all of those Time-Life infomercials for music and...

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