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September 16, 2010  3:20 PM

PDF Search Engine – ebooks

Posted by: Troy Tate
documentation, ebook, pdf, search, search engine, specialized search, specialized search engine

I recently came across a specialized search engine for PDF's or ebooks. I know that there are Google hacks or search strings that you can use to narrow search scope, but at times it is nice to use a specialized tool to quickly isolate what you are searching for without using expert search...

April 29, 2009  11:55 AM

Doing less with less – the glass is the wrong size!

Posted by: Troy Tate
change management, documentation, ITIL, operations, risk, risk management, skill management, staff reduction, staffing issues

I am an optimist by nature. I always look for the positive in everything. However, that is sometimes a challenge in today's economic environment. There is a time when you have to be a realist and see the situation for what it is.

February 3, 2009  7:41 PM

Will Microsoft ever get search right?

Posted by: Troy Tate
documentation, Google, Live search, Microsoft, Microsoft Live, Powershell, search

I am looking for some documentation on Powershell to better understand how to use it. Per Wikipedia: Windows PowerShell is an extensible

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December 10, 2008  2:41 PM

Did you see this? – Microsoft Infrastructure Planning & Design Guides

Posted by: Troy Tate
administration, awareness, design, documentation, education, howto, IT education, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, planning, toolkit, tools

Microsoft has become much better offering documentation beyond just marketing materials about their products and systems. The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) guides are the next version of Windows Server System Reference Architecture. The guides in this series help clarify and streamline...

December 10, 2008  1:19 PM

The larger world of free technical support – Craigslist computer forum

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, awareness, documentation, education, howto, IT education, malware, Networking, online identity, patching, professional, risk, tools, troubleshooting, web, website

I recently came across the computer forums on Craigslist. I had heard of Craigslist previously but was not aware of the significant scope of what it offers besides classified ads. I'm not suggesting that folks leave ITKE to the Craigslist computer forums for support - far from that. I have been...

November 24, 2008  7:43 PM

Tools for documentation – Network discovery & monitoring

Posted by: Troy Tate
administration, design, documentation, facility management, howto, Metrics, Monitoring, network analysis, Networking, Performance, performance monitoring, reporting, threshold, toolkit, tools, troubleshooting

If you have not begun the process of documenting your network, then please begin as soon as you finish reading my first posting on Tools for documentation - screen...

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November 19, 2008  3:58 PM

Tools for documentation – screen marking & screen captures

Posted by: Troy Tate
administration, DataCenter, Development, documentation, howto, Microsoft Windows, Monitoring, reporting, toolkit, tools, troubleshooting

If you don't already document your network and configurations, then you should begin immediately as it is a never-ending task. There are lots of ways of doing this and I will mention some of those in future postings. One of the best tools is simply capturing screen shots and placing those in a...


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