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August 27, 2010  5:49 PM

Did you see this? – Microsoft updates Security Compliance Management Accelerator toolkit

Posted by: Troy Tate
Data security, DataCenter, design, Metrics, Microsoft Windows, Monitoring, policy enforcement, reporting, Security, tools

In 2008, I blogged about Microsoft's release of Security Compliance Management Accelerator toolkit. Now two years later Microsoft...

September 16, 2009  7:00 PM

Monitoring Windows Server CPU performance

Posted by: Troy Tate
cpu, hardware, perfmon, Performance, performance management, performance monitoring, Server monitoring

I didn't realize how much I really didn't know about CPU performance monitoring until I read this Microsoft Technet blog on Interpreting CPU...

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September 16, 2009  6:31 PM

Would you click if it showed on the NY Times website? – Really would you?

Posted by: Troy Tate
ad revenue, browser security, computer network, hardware, information security, information security management, licensing, malicious software, malware, network access, PC, permit, Security, social engineering, software, user education

Yesterday Fierce CIO reported that New York Times falls victim to rogue ad. This is a trend that seems to be happening more frequently. Rogue...

July 22, 2009  2:55 PM

Using net shell to backup/restore DHCP

Posted by: Troy Tate
bach files, backup, command line, command line dhcp, dhcp, dhcp management, network shell, restore, server management

Recently a fellow ITKE blogger posted Windows server 2003: DHCP server rant. I had been working on moving some DHCP services from one site to another when I saw his posting. I was using a...

June 29, 2009  8:15 PM

Another threat to watch out for – Ants in the keyboard!

Posted by: Troy Tate
computer peripheral, computer vulnerability, diagnostics, hardware, hardware failure, keyboard, keyboard failure, research, troubleshooting

On Friday I posted a tongue-in-cheek type posting about a worm taking down a laptop. Not necessarily big news but something different to see as a...

June 26, 2009  5:22 PM

Friday news alert – Worm causes computer crash! – Troubleshooting tip

Posted by: Troy Tate
computer failure, crash analysis, hardware, hardware troubleshooting, troubleshooting

Well... that's probably news every day somewhere but in this case it was a real worm and I'm not talking about an electronic worm! I guess I need to ensure I don't leave my computer out on the patio on the swing. I need to also watch my cat. Check out the story

May 26, 2009  8:41 PM

Microsoft releases SharePoint Designer 2007 for FREE!

Posted by: Troy Tate
design, Microsoft, SharePoint, tools, website, website admin, website administration

April 27, 2009  7:22 PM

Pandemic preparation, risk and business continuity

Posted by: Troy Tate
business continuity, business continuity planning, continuity planning, environment, hardware, pandemic, Pandemic planning, planning, recovery, remote access, risk, risk management, risks

I'm not the kind to run around thinking the sky is falling or that the swine or bird flu risk is non-existent. I take a lot of these warnings with a grain of salt. However, the pandemic watches of the past few years should obviously have organizations thinking about their risks and business...

January 21, 2009  4:36 PM

Security news – Videos from Hack In The Box 2008 Malaysia available for download

Posted by: Troy Tate
Apple, education, hacking, hardware, Microsoft, OSX, Password, Security, software, training, vulnerabilities, Windows

December 19, 2008  8:55 PM

Microsoft’s environmental campaign – XP goes green

Posted by: Troy Tate
administration, awareness, DataCenter, design, environment, facility, facility management, hardware, Microsoft Windows, Monitoring, Performance, power management, tools, Vista, XP

Microsoft has a special section of their website dedicated to fostering environmental sustainability. To that end, they have released a product called Edison PC Power Management software. The application will...

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