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May, 2010


May 28, 2010  6:49 PM

Friday fun – The Geek Alphabet

Posted by: Troy Tate
education, fun, geek

Okay, I know school is getting out for most students across the US about this time of year, but learning never stops. How about turning your children or students onto the Geek Alphabet? This is where A is...

May 27, 2010  5:46 PM

Particle accellerators – how about balloon accellerators?

Posted by: Troy Tate
fun, particle accelleration, science

We have all probably heard about the Large Hadron Collider and the physicists excitement about the results of collisions of unseen particles. Well, for those of us more visually inclined, check out the video below of...

May 21, 2010  5:15 PM

SC Vision – web videos for infosec professionals

Posted by: Troy Tate
education, information security education, infosec, PKI, Security, security administration, security awareness, webinar

SC Magazine has announced the SC Vision TV website. Currently there is a collection of about 7 videos of interest to IT professionals on such topics as Driving More Informed...

May 21, 2010  2:08 PM

Federal Cybersecurity Game-Change R&D program announced

Posted by: Troy Tate
cybersecurity, economics, education, government, information security, information security awareness, infosec

The Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program has announced a cybersecurity game-change research and development program. On May 19, 2010, an event...

May 19, 2010  8:09 PM

Malvertisements – 1.3 million viewed per day!

Posted by: Troy Tate
drive-by download, information security, information security awareness, infosec, malicious software, malware, security awareness

Last year the NY Times website had advertisements that served up some malicious content (Would you click if it showed on the NY Times website? -...

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May 12, 2010  2:48 PM

Follow Twitter “How to become a hacker in 15 minutes”

Posted by: Troy Tate
certified ethical hacking, education, hacking, information security, information security education, infosec, infosec awareness, Security, technology, twitter

Well, it looks like it might be time for me to join the "twitterpated". Until now I did not see much value in this additional information source. With regards to Twitter, I tend to agree with

May 12, 2010  1:16 PM

A password reminder to carry with you

Posted by: Troy Tate
access management, identity management, information security, infosec, infosecurity, Password, password management, secure access, Security

Okay, passwords may have reached the end of their useful life, but passwords are not gone yet. I know it is a challenge to come up with a unique secure password for all identities that we use to access secured...

May 10, 2010  7:45 PM

Are you ready for “Legally Defensible” IT Security?

Posted by: Troy Tate
compliance, information security, infosec, legal, management, security strategy, strategy

It seems like the more I consider today's information security environment, the more I feel like Ma and Pa Kettle negotiating a contract with a city-slicker. The math just seems to work differently depending on your audience. [kml_flashembed...


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