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November, 2009


November 30, 2009  7:16 PM

Microsoft releases File Server Capacity Tool 1.0

Posted by: Troy Tate
capacity planning, CIFS, client performance testing, client-server, file server capacity testing, Microsoft planning tool, Microsoft Windows, performance monitoring, server performance measurement, server performance testing, server testing, SMB

Microsoft has released the File Server Capacity Tool (32-bit) v1.0 (

November 30, 2009  6:25 PM

Windows Technology Deep Dive: Understanding and Troubleshooting Memory Problems

Posted by: Troy Tate
advanced training, advanced troubleshooting, memory management, Microsoft Windows, program development, RAM, technology training, troubleshooting, Windows

November 30, 2009  4:03 PM

Check your IT environment health using this FREE Microsoft tool

Posted by: Troy Tate
Active Directory, dns, domain controller, event logs, file replication, free tool, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, network health, small enterprise, troubleshooting, Windows

Microsoft has an excellent free tool for checking the health of your IT environment in small to medium size networks (up to 20 servers and 500 clients). This tool will scan the environment and report on health items such as:

  • Network connectivity between servers
  • Active...

November 19, 2009  6:15 PM

I didn’t learn information technology from TV crime dramas

Posted by: Troy Tate
chat, communication, covert channel, education, hacker, information technology, internet relay chat, irc, leetspeak, misinformation, technology education

I recently blogged about an online Nmap training video and referenced some movies that featured the Nmap application. It's not just movies that feature information...

November 19, 2009  3:21 PM

Online Nmap video training – scan your network

Posted by: Troy Tate
blackhat, education, free training, hacker, host identification, network analysis, network testing, nmap, online training, penetration testing, scanning, training, training resources, vulnerability scanning, whitehat

Nmap has been around a long time. It has become an indispensable tool for identifying systems, services and vulnerabilities on a network. It has also been featured in movies like The Matrix...

November 19, 2009  1:59 PM

What technology would Shakespeare use?

Posted by: Troy Tate
forensics, investigation, playwright, robots, Shakespeare, technology

In that realm of odd and unusual news stories, a recent story on Wired tells about a Texas A&M production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream using robot flying fairies alongside the rest of...

November 11, 2009  6:31 PM

Free online IT education resource

Posted by: Troy Tate
Adobe, certification, Database, information technology reference, information technology tutorial, IT education, Linux, MAC OS, Macromedia, Microsoft, Microsoft education, network technology education, Networking, programming, sql, technology education, tutorial, XML

I recently came across an excellent IT education resource that is free. It is the website. According to the website it is a source of  thousands online tutorials, useful tips, articles, and researched...

November 5, 2009  4:50 PM

Do you use TLS or client certificates for authentication? Beware of new MITM vulnerability

Posted by: Troy Tate
apache, authentication, certificates, IIS, information security, risk, risk management, SSL, tls, vulnerability, web services

As Michael Morisy of ITKE recently posted, New SSL security hole allows man-in-the-middle attacks, a new SSL...


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