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May, 2008


May 31, 2008  2:28 AM

Did you see this? – Noticebored – Infosec Awareness Education

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, antivirus, awareness, blogging, botnet, Data security, forensics, honeynet, honeypot, humor, IT education, malware, Metrics, Monitoring, online identity, Policy, policy enforcement, research, Security, wiki

Noticebored is a great resource for information security awareness. The blogs are timely and cover a great spectrum of topics with regards to this important...

May 23, 2008  7:58 PM

Did you see this? – Security Primer for the non-technical

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, antivirus, awareness, botnet, Data security, IT education, malware, Monitoring, online identity, Policy, policy enforcement, Security, tools

This is a shout-out to fellow blogger Martin McKeay. His Security Primer for the non-technical is a blog worth sharing with friends, family and co-workers. Hence, I am sharing this with you...

May 21, 2008  1:18 PM

Cutting IT corners is not cutting IT

Posted by: Troy Tate
administration, anti-virus, antivirus, CIO, Data security, DataCenter, DataManagement, malware, Mobile, Network Admission Control, Performance, Policy, policy enforcement, reporting, Security, tools

How often does this happen to you? A user is going to travel to another company location and they want to checkout a laptop for the journey. However, they tell you the morning of the travel rather than in advance. So you do not have time to check out the device and ensure that it is really in good...

May 16, 2008  6:40 PM

Did you see this? – Fear or doubt? New rootkit from researcher’s labs

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, antivirus, forensics, honeypot, malware, Monitoring, research, Security, tools

Do you fear or doubt these types of announcements? There are so many possibilities and weaknesses in systems and services. According to: SoftPedia...

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May 13, 2008  4:06 PM

To be done: an acquisition/merger checklist

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, antivirus, CIO, DataCenter, DataManagement, email, howto, LAN, malware, Metrics, Microsoft Windows, Monitoring, Networking, reporting, research, Security, tools, WAN

An acquisition or merger is not a frequent event for my organization. However, it seems like in the past year or so we have worked on a number of these activities. So, it seems like it may be time to create a formalized checklist for the IT department items that need to be addressed during an...

May 9, 2008  6:20 PM

Did you see this? – a live honeynet

Posted by: Troy Tate
anti-virus, antivirus, botnet, CIO, Data security, DataManagement, forensics, honeynet, honeypot, howto, malware, Monitoring, research, Sandbox, Security, SQL Server

I just came across the Shadowserver Foundation. According to their mission:

The Shadowserver Foundation is an all volunteer watchdog group of security professionals that gather, track, and...

May 9, 2008  12:51 PM

Did you see this? – the viral bitgirl

Posted by: Troy Tate
forensics, howto, humor, LAN, Metrics, Monitoring, network analysis, Networking, packet capture, Performance, reporting, tools, troubleshooting, WAN, wireshark

I have always had an appreciation for Laura Chappel of fame and her quirky sense of ... hmmmmm.. sense?? hahaha... well... she does have a great sense of humor and a heightened sense of awareness with respect to those...

May 6, 2008  12:47 PM

Researching Network TAPs – an end to network blindness? (part 3)

Posted by: Troy Tate
LAN, Monitoring, Network TAPs, Networking, WAN

I have now gotten back around to working on this activity. In case you have forgotten what I am working on, please review part 1 and

May 2, 2008  6:26 PM

Did you see this? – Gideon’s INFOSEC list

Posted by: Troy Tate
CIO, Data security, DataManagement, NIST, Security

This site is dedicated to increasing security awareness among the general population and the technology community. The Basic Security section is focused on the average person. The...


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