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Patch management


September 24, 2008  12:52 PM

[TLBAT] Intranet: an image is worth 1000 words!!

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Active Server Pages, Database, Intranet, Intranet portal, IT support, Patch management

Hi folks, I just found out that I had an image of the concept behind the Download Center so I think it's much better to post it so this can clearly explain how the whole thing works…here it is!

June 26, 2008  1:07 PM

[TLBAT] Keep patches and updates under control with WSUS

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Group Policy, IT support, Patch management, TLBAT, WSUS

In my previous articles I've described the process to allow several services and servers to be installed for free or at low cost in your network; this post continues with "I want it but I have no budget" philosophy and enables you to have an update and patching system for your network...


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