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May 26, 2008  7:20 AM

[TLBAT] Accessing dead/dying computers

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support, TLBAT

On my previous article I had a comment about someone trying to access a dying computer where because of wrong drivers, tons of software and other reasons the system couldn't boot anymore; this article explains my preferred methods of booting a dead/dying computer with an extenal media such as USB...

May 25, 2008  10:30 AM

[TLBAT] Ghosting computers without Symantec’s Ghost

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Ghost image, IT support, Microsoft Windows, Symantec, TLBAT

At the moment whenever you talk to the IT you may hear "You have to ghost your computer" meaning that you have to create a snapshot image of your computer partitions and store it somewhere. But why people says that you have to ghost it? Because Norton (actually Symantec) Ghost is...

May 20, 2008  4:47 PM

[HowTo] Have the Windows Explorer shell as a different user

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support

You know that you can RUNAS almost everything in a Windows machine...indeed "almost" means that not all the programs, utilities and tools can be RUNASed, especially the Windows...

May 19, 2008  8:43 AM

[TLBAT] Network inventory made easy… and free!!

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Auditing, IT support, Networking, Spiceworks, TLBAT

Do you want to have a network inventory of computer and devices, do you need an out-of-the-box solution for IT HelpDesk? Here it is...for free!!! I tested

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May 17, 2008  7:16 AM

[HowTo] Avoid Windowx XP SP3 reboot loops

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support, Windows XP

If any of you has faced the problem of infinite reboots of AMD based PCs after installing the Windows XP Service Pack 3 by Microsoft, Jesper Johansson just released a Visual Basic Script that will check if the computer where you want to install the Service Pack is an AMD based one, if...

May 16, 2008  4:13 PM

[TLBAT] Microsoft SQL Express Edition automated backup

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Database, IT support, SQL Server, TLBAT

An ERP application that the company where I work at the moment is selling, relies on Microsoft SQL databases but, obviously, most of the customers where this application is deployed yell as crazy when they do know the license cost for Microsoft SQL 2005.


May 16, 2008  4:12 PM

[TLBAT] The low budget Admin’s tools!

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Admin tools, IT support, TLBAT

You are used to work in good IT departments where all tools, programs and servers are exactly as you would them. You have CD/DVDs licenses, gold support for almost everything but it comes the day when you are in a low budget IT department or simply a poor project and...

May 15, 2008  12:14 PM


Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support

This is not a post for those IT guys in the big companies where in the IT Department you have Db Admin, Network Admin, Security Admin, Helpdesk with 1st 2nd and 3rd level and so on; this is a blog for those IT guys who do all of these jobs AT THE SAME TIME!!! I’ve been working in IT teams in...

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