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Group Policy


November 10, 2008  10:48 AM

Group Policy scripts, what are they doing on my PC?

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Group Policy, IT support

Even if I'm not anymore in the direct IT Department, some manager have asked me this question when they noticed that there were some shutdown/startup scripts running on their client machines so I thought that writing a post that explains how to find this information could be a good idea. Let's...

June 26, 2008  1:07 PM

[TLBAT] Keep patches and updates under control with WSUS

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Group Policy, IT support, Patch management, TLBAT, WSUS

In my previous articles I've described the process to allow several services and servers to be installed for free or at low cost in your network; this post continues with "I want it but I have no budget" philosophy and enables you to have an update and patching system for your network...


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