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June, 2008


June 30, 2008  5:09 AM

Our network is almost done

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support, Networking

In my previous posts I've covered several aspects that an IT Administrator should cover while designing and implementing network services; I've described how to save lots of money with very little sacrifice and have the most common features with open source or freeware software. In the next...

June 26, 2008  4:43 PM

[TLBAT] Control and see your band….width!

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Admin tools, Bandwidth, IT support, TLBAT

You just subscribed a new contract with your ISP and they promised a given download/upload rate but you don't know how to monitor this. What would you do? Buy famous branded software and reduce your low budget or save bucks and use a free one (so you have more money left that you can send to...

June 26, 2008  4:35 PM

[TLBAT] SysLog for Windows

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support, Kiwi Syslog Daemon, Microsoft Windows, SysLog, TLBAT

The more you see, the more you know, this is never as right as it is in IT world. Every device in your network or Linux machine or whatever else writes information on logs and, depending on the log level you defined for these "devices", the information can be really helpful for...

June 26, 2008  1:07 PM

[TLBAT] Keep patches and updates under control with WSUS

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Group Policy, IT support, Patch management, TLBAT, WSUS

In my previous articles I've described the process to allow several services and servers to be installed for free or at low cost in your network; this post continues with "I want it but I have no budget" philosophy and enables you to have an update and patching system for your network...

June 22, 2008  1:40 PM

[TLBAT] Messaging, collaboration, IM …. an opensource alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support, Linux, Security, TLBAT, VMware, Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Another post to present a free tool, another post to save your low budget! When building an IT infrastructure, one of the features you HAVE to consider is to provide messaging and collaboration tools to your customers (normally your employer...alsways remeber: the users are your customers!);...

June 15, 2008  4:35 AM

[TLBAT] Honey, honey…HoneyPot!

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
Honeypot, IT support, Security, TLBAT, VMware

In a previous post I suggested you to build a proxy and content filtering solution based on a VMWare virtual machine, in this post I'll redo the same thing: propose another VMWare appliance that you can mount on your VMWare server, configure and have a ready-to-go tool for your IT...

June 11, 2008  5:39 PM


Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
IT support

Hi folks I'm in a busy period because I'm performing a big change in my life...I'm moving back to north Italy for job purposes and this time I'm bringing my family with me (my wife and our15 month old daughter)!! Starting next week I'll be in the

June 5, 2008  7:44 AM

[TLBAT] Proxy server and content filtering

Posted by: alessandro.panzetta
DansGuardian, ISA Server, IT support, SARG, Security, Squid, TLBAT, VMware

In this article I'll explain how you can have your proxy server and content filtering for your network absolutelly for free allowing you to save at least 1600 USD (Microsoft ISA 2006 Standard Edition)!! We...


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