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June 21, 2011  7:44 PM

The Citrix servers reported that they are too busy to provide access to the selected resource. This message was reported from the XML Service at address [com.citrix.xml.NFuseProtocol.RequestAddress].

Posted by: Jason Tramer
custom, load evaluator, qfarm, The Citrix servers reported that they are too busy to provide access to the selected resource. This message was reported from the XML Service at address [com.citrix.xml.NFuseProtocol.RequestAddress]., Xenapp

Got this issue the other day on my web interface. I was unable to launch any app from any server in my farm. Qfarm / load showed normal load on all servers. Issue turned out to be a corrupted load evaluator. Switching to default load evaluator fixed the issue. I was then able to recreate my...

January 27, 2011  4:42 PM

Citrix reporting very successful Q4

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, Q4, Xen, Xenapp, Xendesktop, XenServer Looks like Citrix is doing quite well. Particularly with XenDesktop which seems to be eclipsing XenApp (there flagship product) in revenue. Funnily enough all this was before Xen Desktop 5 came out which in my mind was a huge...

January 22, 2011  2:44 PM

Group Policy scripts not being applied to XenApp sessions

Posted by: Jason Tramer
.bat, batch scripts, file associations, Group Policy, notepad, Xenapp

I encountered this issue a little while back and in hindsight in turned out to be pretty simple but it was driving me nuts at the time. Here is the symptom, when a user opens a XenApp published application, the batch scripts that are pushed out using group policy don't apply. The other symptom...

July 7, 2009  8:34 PM

Force Xenapp Uninstall

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, force, uninstall, Xenapp

So to uninstall Citrix you have to have the Citrix IMA service running properly. Which of course begs the question of what you do when you are trying to uninstall because the IMA service ISN'T working properly in the first case? Open command prompt, navigate to the directory that has the Xenapp...

June 16, 2009  10:42 PM

Changing userid and password for DSN in Citrix XenApp

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, dsmaint, password, userid, Xenapp

If you need to change the userid and password that control the DSN access for Xenapp here is what you  need to do. From command prompt on the citrix server (you will need to do this from each one) dsmaint config /userid:*username* /pwd:*password* /dsn:"C:\program files\citrix\idependent...

June 16, 2009  10:40 PM

Citrix client Auto deploy not working

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, client auto deploy, Xenapp

I had trouble with this today. Make sure that when you copy the contents of the client folder from the installation media into the Citrix\Webinterface\*version number\clients folder, you keep the exact file structure the same. Also just sopy the contents of the client folder, not the whole folder...

June 16, 2009  10:37 PM

Xenapp 5- Control Streaming vs Published access based on remote acess

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bandwith, streaming, Xenapp

One nice thing about Xenapp is the ability to have both streamed and presented apps. One not so nice thing is you can't let Citrix control that based on bandwith of the client. Here is a little something you can do to make that happen. Publish your app as Streamed if possible and presented if...

May 19, 2009  4:56 PM

Citrix Xenapp 5 – Stream to server

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, stream, streaming, Xen, Xenapp

I really like Citrix Xenapp 5's ability to publish app's by streaming them to the server. For those not familiar with this you package the application (office, etc) using the citrix app packager. Place these packages on a file server somewhere and then when you publish the app just specify stream...

April 29, 2009  2:53 AM

Upgrading Citrix from Presentation 4 to Xenapp 5

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, Presentation, Upgrade, Xenapp

I recently had a discussion with some guys from Citrix and asked about the optimal way of upgrading Presentation server 4 to Xenapp 5. Here is there recommendation 1) Upgrade the licensing and upload the new license file onto the license server 2) Run the upgrade on the server acting as...


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