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November 30, 2009  4:09 PM

Incompatibility on Site to site VPN tunnels between Watchguards and Cisco ASA’s

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA, Cisco, VPN, WatchGuard

I have been working with a client with multiple sites and up until recently they have been using Watchguards at all sites. Recently we have been switching out some of the Watchguard for Cisco ASA's but there have been a ton of site to site VPN issues. For example, a tunnel goes down, so you re-key...

September 11, 2009  1:37 PM

Improvements in Watchguard 11 quick setup wizard

Posted by: Jason Tramer
11 XTM, DHCP, quick setup wizard, WatchGuard

One thing that Watchguard did well in there new software version was to include the option to enable DHCP as part of the quick setup wizard. Here is why this is great. Previously you would start up your watchguard in safe mode and hook your computer to it. You would then get an IP address from it...

September 10, 2009  6:52 PM

Upgrading to Watchguard Fireware 11

Posted by: Jason Tramer
10.2, 11, firebox, Fireware, Upgrade, WatchGuard, XTM

In reviewing the release notes on the site and speakign to a watchguard rep the best upgrade path to the new fireware XTM version 11 is by first upgrading your existing firebox to version 10.2.9 and then upgrading to 11. Upgrading directly from any version below 10.2.9 is not recommended and...

August 20, 2009  1:33 PM

Fireware 11 has been released!

Posted by: Jason Tramer
11, 12, bugs, Fireware, known issue, WatchGuard

So in the past I have criticized Watchguard a tad when they constantly give me the answer that my issue is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version ... Well the next version is here! Fireware 11 has been released to the general public. I will get trying it out in the coming days and...

April 30, 2009  8:45 PM

Watchguard MUVPN not working due to Mcafee firewall

Posted by: Jason Tramer
firewall, mcaffee, VPN, WatchGuard

I hate personal firewall products but none so much as I hate mcafee. I was testing a MUVPN and the tunnell just wouldn't established. I turned that thing into swiss cheese, it shouldn't have been blocking anything but the VPN tunnel STILL wouldn't come up until I actually turned off the service....

April 15, 2009  6:28 PM

A review of the Cisco ASA 5505

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA5505, Cisco, firewall, WatchGuard, X10e

I deal with a lot of small business's and branch offices and up until now we generally have been promoting the Watchguard X10e for their firewall needs. However I have recently been very impressed with the Cisco ASA 5505 for this business space. Its got great functionality, robustness and the price...

January 12, 2009  8:27 PM

Watchguard Edge devices missing ping utility

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Edge, missing ping utlitly, ping, WatchGuard

The ability to ping from a firewall is a fantastic and some might say essential tool for troubleshooting network (in particular routing) issues. It is for this reason that pretty much every major commercial firewall product out there has this ability (even Sonicwalls). Yet for some reason the...

November 21, 2008  8:52 PM

SSO agent update for Watchguards

Posted by: Jason Tramer
SSO, WatchGuard

November 19, 2008  4:52 PM

SSO agent known issue for Watchguard firewalls

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Fireware, SSO, WatchGuard

After troubleshooting an issue with the SSO agent causing internet disconnections for users I have discovered from Watchguard tech support that this is a known issue. It will be fixed in the next update. There are no workarounds in place other than disabling the SSO agent.

October 20, 2008  9:10 PM

Watchguard – Limitation when setting up High Availability

Posted by: Jason Tramer

I don't expect the various hardware and software out there to be perfect, really I don't. However what I do expect is when there is a limitation or problem with a product that the vendor documents it somewhere. It is such a waste of my time to fight with an "issue" for hours on end only to find out...

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