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February 19, 2010  2:13 PM

The network location cannot be reached

Posted by: Jason Tramer
duplicate name, NetBIOS, routing and remote access, service, TCP/IP, The network location cannot be reached, Windows 2000

I was working with an issue with an old file windows 2000 file server where some users were able to access network shares alright but some couldn't. The ones that couldn't could ping it ok but when trying to access file shares would get the error "The network location cannot be reached". After...

April 3, 2009  6:29 PM

Unable to join domain “The network location cannot be reached”

Posted by: Jason Tramer
DNS, NetBIOS, TCP/IP, The network location cannot be reached, Unable to join domain, WINS

I got this error when joining a windows XP to the domain. I ensured that DNS resolution was working fine.  After some testing I determined that the issue was NetBIOS resolution. An Ipconfig /all showed that there was no WINS server address (even though DHCP should be giving one out) and NetBIOS...


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