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April 6, 2011  6:45 PM

“Error 692: Hardware Failure in the Modem” Error Message When You Dial an RAS Server

Posted by: Jason Tramer
error 692, hardware failure, hotfix, L2TP, PPTP, RAS, reboot, VPN, Windows 7

Part of troubleshooting RAS (PPTP and L2TP) VPN connections is constantly tweaking your settings (both client and server) and reconnecting. This becomes a complete pain when Windows 7 decides its sick of trying and just starts generating a error 692, forcing you to reboot before you can try...

March 7, 2011  5:39 PM

Strategy for migrating to Windows 7

Posted by: Jason Tramer
migration, strategy, Windows 7 A great article if you are looking to migrate your environment to Windows 7, which if you are not, you certainly should be.

February 27, 2010  4:56 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials – Rogue software

Posted by: Jason Tramer
malware, Microsoft Security Essentials, spyware

Microsoft issued an alert about a piece of malware calling itself Microsoft Security Essentials. Spread this around to people you know.

February 26, 2010  4:00 PM

Here we go again

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Microsoft, Patch, WGA, Windows 7

I remember when Windows Genuine Advantage came out, I remember when I had a flood of calls from clients about why Microsoft was telling them they were running illegal versions of Windows software (even when they weren't), I remember the pains, and I remember the headaches and you know what it's all...

February 26, 2010  3:54 PM

MS to cut off support for Vista

Posted by: Jason Tramer
discontinuing, support, vista, Windows 7, Windows XP

Read about it here: No surprise really, Vista is the red headed step child that Microsoft hopes they can shove into the attic and everyone will forget about.  What does it mean though? Well for everyone who is currently using...

December 30, 2009  2:54 PM

Allowing management access to an ASA across a site to site VPN tunnel

Posted by: Jason Tramer
access, ASA, ASDM, CLI, interface, Management, site to site, VPN

Ok, so you want to manage your ASA from a network connected via site to site VPN tunnel. No prob. Two easy steps makes this happens. First you have to add the network as an allowed access via the inside network. (I will use the network in my example) From CLI it's: http...

October 26, 2009  1:44 PM

Windows 7: Upgrade or fresh install?

Posted by: Jason Tramer
errors, freezing, install, issues, network card, NIC, Ultimate, Upgrade, vista, Windows 7

As a general rule in the IT industry we generally advocate clean install vs upgrade, however  when it comes to my home PC I can be lazy at times. I decided rather than doing a clean install I would upgrade my PC from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate. I ran through the upgrade process...

October 22, 2009  12:41 PM

External Blu-ray drive coming to the Xbox 360

Posted by: Jason Tramer
360, blu, Blu-ray, xbox

And the last horse finally cross's the finish line .... Steve Ballmer has confirmed that an external Blu-ray drive will be coming to the Xbox 360. Check out the article: All I can say about this it's about time, way to catch...

September 25, 2009  1:51 PM

Google releases plugin which turns IE into Chrome

Posted by: Jason Tramer
chrome, google, IE, Microsoft

Check this out: Ok now this is just funny. Kudo's to Google for one, improving a product which so desperately needs improvement, and two, having the balls to actually do this. I commend you!

August 31, 2009  4:45 PM

Running 16 bit applications in a 64 bit OS

Posted by: Jason Tramer
16 bit, 64 bit, Dosbox, vmware, Windows, workstation

So as many know Microsoft did not include any support for 16 bit applications in it's 64 bit windows Operating Systems. What does this mean if you want to have a 64 bit OS but still need to run 16 bit applications? Well you have a couple of choices. You could certainly use a product like VMware...

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