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August 28, 2009  4:48 PM

WPA-TKIP is completely broken

Posted by: Jason Tramer
broken, cracked, encryption, Security, tkip, Wireless, WPA

Check it out:

August 20, 2009  1:44 PM

Procurves and bi-directional port mirroring

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bi-directional, Cisco, egress, HP, ingress, Linksys, port mirroring, port spanning

Now I am just go to prefix this critique with the following, I have never designed a switch or am not aware of the total cost to add features to a switch. That being said I have a question for HP, would it really cost that much more to put bi-directional port mirroring into your switches instead of...

August 20, 2009  1:33 PM

Fireware 11 has been released!

Posted by: Jason Tramer
11, 12, bugs, Fireware, known issue, WatchGuard

So in the past I have criticized Watchguard a tad when they constantly give me the answer that my issue is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version ... Well the next version is here! Fireware 11 has been released to the general public. I will get trying it out in the coming days and...

August 14, 2009  8:55 PM

Setting up Websense on a Virtual machine

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ESX, port mirroring, port spanning, promiscous, virtual machine, VM, vmware, vSwitch, websense

Ok so I was setting up a Websense VM in standalone mode and there are a few things that you need to do to make this work. So, part of a Websense implementation includes setting up port spanning/mirroring on a port that connects to you monitor NIC so that it recieves all the traffic from your...

August 12, 2009  4:42 PM

Microsoft ordered to stop selling Word

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Microsoft ordered to stop selling Word

Huge news! This could have huge repercussions for Microsoft.  I don't think this is nail in the coffin sort of news but they stand to loose a huge amount of money while they adapt to this.

July 29, 2009  8:23 PM

Windows 7 – Cracked product key

Posted by: Jason Tramer
activation, crack, cracked, product key, Windows 7

Check this out: You know, its stuff like this that forces legitimate users to have to put up with crap like high licensing costs and stuff like Windows Genuine Advantage. On the flip side it's  high licensing costs...

July 27, 2009  2:54 PM

Microsoft potshot: Oracle raising it’s pricing structure

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Microsoft, Oracle, pricing, SQL

Take a look: So Microsoft reminds us that SQL server is still available at the same cost while Oracle is raising it's prices. Now if only SQL server was any good .... they might just have something there.

July 24, 2009  1:19 PM

Microsoft GPL violation hits memory hole

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Linux, Microsoft, open source Interesting article. What is more interesting here is the concept of Microsoft supporting anything open source. Times perhaps are a changing. The one problem here, if Microsoft ever did embrace open source, who would the...

July 20, 2009  2:12 PM

Unable to power on a VM: Corrupt Redo log

Posted by: Jason Tramer
corrupt redo log, Error message: msg.hbacommon.corruptredo:, ESX, vmware

July 14, 2009  2:41 PM

Setting up DHCP relay on a Cisco router

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, DHCP, IOS, relay

This came up for me recently. Here are the commands to setup DHCP relay on a Cisco router, it's super easy if you know what to do. The interface you are configuring is the interface where the DHCP clients are located. The helper-address is the IP address of your DHCP server, in this case...

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