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January 23, 2011  2:57 PM

Cisco phones not discovering Voice VLAN on HP Procurve switches

Posted by: Jason Tramer
CDP, Cisco, HP, LLDP, phones, Procurve, UC500, Voice VLAN

I encountered this issue and luckily I was able to find a blog entry about it: Essentially Cisco phones use CDP to discover their voice vlan. HP procurve phone's use LLDP to accomplish the same goals. Now apparently this works fine...

January 23, 2011  2:46 PM

XenDesktop 5 – A review

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, Desktop Director, Machine Creation Services, VDI, view, vmware, Xen, Xendesktop, XenDesktop 5

So as a consultant who holds both certifications with VMware and Citrix and working for a company which specializes in Virtualization I often find myself being asked, so which is better XenDesktop or View for VDI. The answer of course seems to depend on the time and date you are being asked....

January 22, 2011  2:44 PM

Group Policy scripts not being applied to XenApp sessions

Posted by: Jason Tramer
.bat, batch scripts, file associations, Group Policy, notepad, Xenapp

I encountered this issue a little while back and in hindsight in turned out to be pretty simple but it was driving me nuts at the time. Here is the symptom, when a user opens a XenApp published application, the batch scripts that are pushed out using group policy don't apply. The other symptom...

January 22, 2011  2:27 PM

Routing within an interface on a ASA and my triumphant return

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA, Cisco, intra site routing, routing, routing within a network

Well it has been a long time, but I am back! Sadly elements in my personal life have kept me focused on other matters for the last 8 months or so and I apologize for that but I am ready and eager to return. For my first issue I want to talk about is with Cisco ASA's and concerns how to set up a...

June 3, 2010  7:48 PM

ASA: unable to reserve port 443 for static PAT

Posted by: Jason Tramer
443, 5505, ASA, HTTPS, NAT, unable to reserve port 443 for static PAT

Just got this error when configuring an ASA, took me a bit to figure out what the issue was. When trying to create a static NAT rule with port 443 you get the error: unable to reserve port 443 for static PAT The issue was that under Management access, ASDM access was granted on the...

April 21, 2010  7:37 PM

Cisco completes Tandberg offer!

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, SCCP, Tandberg, UC, Unified Communications

April 21, 2010  7:34 PM

Mcafee causing system crashes

Posted by: Jason Tramer
mcafee, svchost.exe Fair to  say I have never liked Mcafee, in fact I have always quite disliked it. At previous organizations I have worked for that used Mcafee I found there were always issues with a new virus came out, it never just worked smooth....

March 17, 2010  1:03 AM

CCVP Bootcamp – Day 2

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bootcamp, CCVP, H.323, MGCP, SIP, UCM, Virtualization

Another long day, but a good day. It is taking alot of willpower just to keep focussed but the payoff is great. The focus today was configuring H.323, MGCP, and SIP gateways as well as configuring PRI's. I learned some great stuff today, apparently the new version of UCM, version 8, has been...

February 27, 2010  4:56 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials – Rogue software

Posted by: Jason Tramer
malware, Microsoft Security Essentials, spyware

Microsoft issued an alert about a piece of malware calling itself Microsoft Security Essentials. Spread this around to people you know.

February 26, 2010  4:00 PM

Here we go again

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Microsoft, Patch, WGA, Windows 7

I remember when Windows Genuine Advantage came out, I remember when I had a flood of calls from clients about why Microsoft was telling them they were running illegal versions of Windows software (even when they weren't), I remember the pains, and I remember the headaches and you know what it's all...

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