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February 28, 2011  7:21 PM

VM’s black screen after migration to hardware version 7

Posted by: Jason Tramer
black screen, display, driver error, HW version 7, NIC, svga, vmware, vSphere, wddm

Had this issue recently with vSphere. I upgraded a VM to hardware version 7 and rebooted. It showed it rebooted but once it passed the windows splash screen it went to a black screen in the console. I was also unable to ping or RDP to the server. After rebooting it and finding the same thing, I...

February 28, 2011  7:16 PM

Cisco Partner exams

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, exams, partner, rant

Working in the consulting field generally means that you partner with big vendors i.e. Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix etc. Generally these companies require you have certain certifications to maintain that partner status. Most of these companies just use their normal everyday certifications i.e. have X...

February 28, 2011  7:10 PM


Posted by: Jason Tramer
CCDA, Routing and Switching, Security, Voice, Wireless

Passed my CCDA exam today! Overall having done  professional level Cisco cert's, going back to associate level wasn't that hard at all. I have a very even mix of questions between Routing and Switching, Voice, Security, and Wireless, so know all of them well but it doesn't go anywhere near the...

February 25, 2011  10:25 PM

Using PAP in OSX L2TP VPN connections

Posted by: Jason Tramer

I know some people go absolutely head over heels in love with Mac's but personally I don't see the appeal. They are a complete pain IMO to configure the simplest options. For example, when you are setting up a L2TP VPN connection do you think it might be helpful to set the authentication...

February 14, 2011  10:35 PM

Cisco releases ASA 8.4

Posted by: Jason Tramer
8.4, ASA

Here is some of the new stuff that is in it: I am planning on testing it myself shortly and then doing a better review. Hopefully they changed NATing back from the god awful way they do it in 8.3 to the more awesome way it is done...

February 2, 2011  8:56 PM

Upgrade the firmware on a Cisco lightweight access point

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Access Point, autonomous, Cisco, firmware, Lightweight, tftp, Upgrade, Wireless

Need to roll out a new firmware revision to all your access points connected to your controller? Maybe you need to convert some into autonomous mode? Easy and simple way to accomplish this. Load up your IOS file onto a TFTP server and then connect to the CLI of your controller. Enter this...

January 29, 2011  4:02 AM

New Microsoft Security Bug

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bug, Microsoft, Security I sometimes wonder what IT life would be like if Microsoft ever started releasing stable, secure code, and then I realize that my time is better spent wondering what my life would be like if I won the lottery because frankly that is...

January 27, 2011  4:42 PM

Citrix reporting very successful Q4

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Citrix, Q4, Xen, Xenapp, Xendesktop, XenServer Looks like Citrix is doing quite well. Particularly with XenDesktop which seems to be eclipsing XenApp (there flagship product) in revenue. Funnily enough all this was before Xen Desktop 5 came out which in my mind was a huge...

January 26, 2011  9:16 PM

Google allies with Verizon

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Android, apps, bundling, google, Verizon This is a good partnership for both companies. The partnership was gone along ways for Google in getting the Android phones out there and Verizon has been growing steadily as it takes on AT&T. Bundling software is a slippery...

January 26, 2011  9:12 PM

ASA rewriting DNS queries

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA, DNS, manipulating, NAT, queries, query, re-writing This article was a god send for me. I was trouble shooting this issue for a while. In my case I had an internal device on a private vlan that needed to resolve the public address of another...

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