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June 30, 2011  7:54 PM

Intel takes CPU market share from AMD in Q1

Posted by: Jason Tramer
AMD, earnings, INTEL, q1 At any given moment the pendulum could swing back. These two are neck and neck.

October 29, 2009  1:46 AM

Intel touts NAND-killer breakthrough

Posted by: Jason Tramer
20-nm, 5-nm, AMD, INTEL, NAND, PCMS

Really ground breaking stuff here: Let me tell you what the best thing that ever happend to Intel was : AMD.  Time after time history has proven tha nothing stimulates progress like competition. AMD took the top crown for awhile but...

February 11, 2009  3:36 PM

Intel set to release it’s 32 nm chips by the end of 2009

Posted by: Jason Tramer
32nm, AMD, core 2 duo, INTEL, K6-2

Intel must be pretty confident because they are moving up there release date on their new line of 32 nm chips to end of this year. This is great news for everybody, ok well everybody except AMD who is still pushing to release there 32 nm chip sometime in 2010 by the most recent update that I have...


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