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February 12, 2010  2:56 PM

Cisco router not handing out DNS server to DHCP clients

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, client, DHCP, DNS, pool, router, server

I had a weird issue yesterday. I had a Cisco 1800 series router that was configured to hand out DHCP and up until a few days ago everything worked fine with it. Then suddenly out of the blue it still handed out DHCP but did not hand out the DNS-Server option even though it was configured. I...

September 11, 2009  1:37 PM

Improvements in Watchguard 11 quick setup wizard

Posted by: Jason Tramer
11 XTM, DHCP, quick setup wizard, WatchGuard

One thing that Watchguard did well in there new software version was to include the option to enable DHCP as part of the quick setup wizard. Here is why this is great. Previously you would start up your watchguard in safe mode and hook your computer to it. You would then get an IP address from it...

July 21, 2009  6:01 PM

Windows server 2003: DHCP server rant

Posted by: Jason Tramer
DHCP, export, import, rant, reservations, server

I am not sure if this has been fixed in Server 2008, maybe it has, but here is something i encountered in server 2003 that really made me mad. I was migrating a companies DHCP scope to a new server and this company had about 50 or so address reservations. So I was hoping there was a quick way to...

July 14, 2009  2:41 PM

Setting up DHCP relay on a Cisco router

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, DHCP, IOS, relay

This came up for me recently. Here are the commands to setup DHCP relay on a Cisco router, it's super easy if you know what to do. The interface you are configuring is the interface where the DHCP clients are located. The helper-address is the IP address of your DHCP server, in this case...

March 9, 2009  3:11 PM

Cisco ASA – Remote Access VPN not getting reserved address from DHCP

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA, Cisco, Cisco ASA - Remote Access VPN not getting reserved address from DHCP, DHCP, VPN

I have configured a Cisco ASA 5520 in an environment where the remote users need to get statically assigned IP addresses. In the past this was done by using MAC address reservations on the DHCP server. In replacing their old firewall and putting in the ASA what I have found is that even though...


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