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April 3, 2010  1:47 PM

CCVP Bootcamp – Final Day

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bootcamp, ccprep, CCVP, CIPT1, CIPT2, cvoice, QOS, TUC

First off, let me just say that I am sorry I stopped updating this blog daily but with classes 6 sometimes 7 days a week, thirteen hours a day, followed by 4-5 hours of additional study I lost my will to blog, I almost lost my will to live! However it is the final day and I have good news. First...

March 22, 2010  11:26 AM

CCVP Bootcamp – Day 7

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bootcamp, CC, CCVP, Cheesecake Factory, CIPT1, cvoice, P

So sadly I didn't pass CVOICE though I will be retaking it in a few days. Tough exam I have to say as prepared as I felt I suppose I wasn't prepared enough. All I can say is if you are writing this exam, try to know Gatekeepers and UBE as best as you can. Moving on though, we have moved onto...

March 19, 2010  1:47 AM

CCVP Bootcamp – Day 4

Posted by: Jason Tramer
CCVP, CV, cvoice, MGCP, srst

Ok it's official I am now dreaming about Cisco VOIP, this is what 12 hour classes followed by 5 hour independent study does to you. In any case we finished the material for CVOICE today, and I am writing my exam tomorrow morning. Here is my tip of the day, if you are using UCM, for the love...

March 16, 2010  1:53 AM

CCVP bootcamp – Day 1

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bootcamp, CCVP, cvoice, UCM

Twelve long but very interesting hours later I have finished day one of eighteen.  I am in  very small class of only three other students (one of whom is a co-worker of mine who got sent with me). Bad news first, our would have been teacher up and quit without notice on Friday but luckily they...


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