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December 13, 2009  12:11 AM

Cisco 881 Router crashes

Posted by: Jason Tramer
12.4.24t1, 12.4.24t2, 881, Cisco, crash, memory leak, router

I was recently working with a Cisco 881 router that kept having memory leaks and crashing. At first it would only crash once a day or so but eventually it started crashing hourly. I went through serveral different firmware versions and finally found one that fixed the issue. The last version I...

October 30, 2009  3:10 PM

Wii sales crash

Posted by: Jason Tramer
bad, crash, sales, Wii

Check it out: Wow, really? The fad is finally wearing off? People are now realizing that that there is no good software for this thing? There was no good software for this thing three years ago. I will never understand crazes like this.


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