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June 30, 2011  7:49 PM

Cisco WLC with PEAP authentication on a MS Radius server

Posted by: Jason Tramer
802.1x, ceritifcate, Cisco, Microsoft, network policy server, peap, radius, wlan, wlc

Just set up 802.1x authentication on a Cisco Wireless LAN controller WLAN for the first time. My objective is to get Active Directory authentication working for my WLAN, accessible by both corporate laptops as well as blackberry and iphones. I set up my WLAN with 802.1x auth pointing to a radius...

March 29, 2011  4:10 PM

Cisco acquires NewScale

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, Cloud, NewScale

Take a look: Cloud computing is really becoming a overused term. Everyone is signing on to it, but most people don't even really understand it. This will either be the future of IT or a complete fad. I give it 50/50 odds.

March 8, 2011  6:38 PM

The dangers of Mirror ports and Etherchannel

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, Etherchannel, loops, Mirror ports, Spanning Tree, switches

I was brought in to troubleshoot an interesting issue with some Cisco switches yesterday. I had a stack of 3750's(Core) and a stack of 2960S's. Etherchannel was set up on both sides to connect the two stack's together. Each time they were connected they would work for about 20-30 minutes and then...

March 7, 2011  4:17 PM

ICMP redirect cache is empty

Posted by: Jason Tramer
1921 router, Cisco, ICMP redirect cache is empty, IP routing, Show IP Route

I was deploying a new Cisco 1921 router and couldn't get an internet connection going.  I did a Show IP route and saw no routes (not even my static) and got the message "ICMP redirect cache is empty". After double checking that IP routing was enabled (it was), I rebooted but had the same issue. I...

February 28, 2011  7:16 PM

Cisco Partner exams

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, exams, partner, rant

Working in the consulting field generally means that you partner with big vendors i.e. Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix etc. Generally these companies require you have certain certifications to maintain that partner status. Most of these companies just use their normal everyday certifications i.e. have X...

February 2, 2011  8:56 PM

Upgrade the firmware on a Cisco lightweight access point

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Access Point, autonomous, Cisco, firmware, Lightweight, tftp, Upgrade, Wireless

Need to roll out a new firmware revision to all your access points connected to your controller? Maybe you need to convert some into autonomous mode? Easy and simple way to accomplish this. Load up your IOS file onto a TFTP server and then connect to the CLI of your controller. Enter this...

January 23, 2011  2:57 PM

Cisco phones not discovering Voice VLAN on HP Procurve switches

Posted by: Jason Tramer
CDP, Cisco, HP, LLDP, phones, Procurve, UC500, Voice VLAN

I encountered this issue and luckily I was able to find a blog entry about it: Essentially Cisco phones use CDP to discover their voice vlan. HP procurve phone's use LLDP to accomplish the same goals. Now apparently this works fine...

January 22, 2011  2:27 PM

Routing within an interface on a ASA and my triumphant return

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA, Cisco, intra site routing, routing, routing within a network

Well it has been a long time, but I am back! Sadly elements in my personal life have kept me focused on other matters for the last 8 months or so and I apologize for that but I am ready and eager to return. For my first issue I want to talk about is with Cisco ASA's and concerns how to set up a...

April 21, 2010  7:37 PM

Cisco completes Tandberg offer!

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Cisco, SCCP, Tandberg, UC, Unified Communications

February 25, 2010  8:38 PM

New Blackberry supports Cisco Compatible Extenstions

Posted by: Jason Tramer
9700, Blackberry, bold, ccx, Cisco, Cisco Compatible Extensions, RIM

Great news for people who use Cisco WLAN controllers, the new Blackberry Bold 9700 supports CCX and all the great features that represents. As a big fan of Cisco Wireless products this is really nice to see.

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