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February 28, 2010  2:30 PM

Apple cites suppliers for violations

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Apple, labor, labour, suppliers, underage, violations

Ok so I rarely if ever praise Apple, hell this might be the first time but after reading this artcle I feel I need to: At first when I read this I started thinking " Well why did Apple deal with these companies in the first place?", Apple...

February 27, 2010  1:44 AM

Bare Metal Hypervisor for Mac

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Apple, bare metal, hypervisor, Mac, parallels Let me check, yup apparently still room on the band wagon, jump on in! I wonder who will release a bare metal hypervisor next, I am guessing Novell.

October 28, 2009  1:49 PM

RIM losing market share to the iPhone

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Apple, Blackberry, enterprise server, iphone, market share, RIM

Check out the article: Interesting news here, RIM needs to get it together here if they want to stop bleeding market share. Realistically speaking if the iPhone could come out with a enterprise server product here it might be...

August 26, 2009  1:24 PM

A review of Snow Leopard

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Apple, Mac, OS, review, Snow Leopard

The Register has posted a first review of the new Mac OS called Snow Leopard. The review itself is pretty interesting though I am have personally yet to be overly impressed with any of the Mac operating systems. If your a Mac fan you will likely be stoked, if not then it might be a mild...


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