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September, 2009

September 30, 2009  1:48 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials – a review

Posted by: Jason Tramer
hyperv, malware, Microsoft, review, security essentials

Here is a great review for the new Microsoft Security Essentials products: In reading the review I was actually tentatively impressed ( I will save real positive feelings after i test it myself). Microsoft...

September 30, 2009  1:42 PM

Warning message when you start Outlook 2007 and then connect to a mailbox that is hosted on an Exchange 2007: Security certificate is invalid.

Posted by: Jason Tramer
2007, certificate, Exchange, internal, outlook, outlook 2007, Security, ssl, warning

I encountered this issue when setting up an Exchange 2007 environment. After I installed the SSL cert for OWA all of the users using Outlook 2007 reported that they got a certificate warning when opening Outlook internally.

A co-worker of mine found this support article which fixed the...

September 29, 2009  1:39 PM

Training material for the BCP-610

Posted by: Jason Tramer
BCP-610, BCSD, Blackberry, element k, training

So last month I wrote that there was no study material available for the Blackberry Solution Designer BCP-610 exam. I have since found out from Blackberry that they are working on creating the material and it should be out by November from the Element K website (

September 29, 2009  1:37 PM

Repairing an Exchange database that won’t mount

Posted by: Jason Tramer
eseutil, Exchange, Information Store, Won't mount

Here is a really useful tutorial for repairing an exchange database that won't mount. I know of many occasions where this has been required to get Exchange up and going in a crunch.

September 26, 2009  9:12 PM

HP stock set to increase

Posted by: Jason Tramer
cuts, EDS, HP, increases, profits, salary, stock

Check out this article: How you might ask are they doing so well in the midst of economic downturn you might ask? Well it's simple they cut their employee's salaries, particularly from the EDS side. Now for all I know these...

September 25, 2009  1:51 PM

Google releases plugin which turns IE into Chrome

Posted by: Jason Tramer
chrome, google, IE, Microsoft

Check this out: Ok now this is just funny. Kudo's to Google for one, improving a product which so desperately needs improvement, and two, having the balls to actually do this. I commend you!

September 23, 2009  4:35 PM

Migrating to Exchange 2007

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, migration, seamless

I recently completed my first migration from Exchange 2003 to 2007. I found this article really helpful: Overall I had to say I found the proccess really simple. The install lets you specify your existing exchange...

September 22, 2009  1:19 PM

MS Office Web

Posted by: Jason Tramer
Microsoft, Office, web

Check out this article: I can honestly say it would really rock the foundations of my world if Microsoft every had an original idea of their own.

September 16, 2009  3:57 PM

Cisco adopting strategies to compete in the small business line

Posted by: Jason Tramer
ASA, Cisco, firewall, router, small business, SMB, UC500, Wireless

Cisco is almost synonymous with big business in the network infrastructure market but recently they have really been working to make themselves more friendly to the SMB market. Here is a good article about that: Working...

September 16, 2009  3:44 PM

The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security

Posted by: Jason Tramer
cifs, DNS, errors, event log, netlogon, The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security

I got the above error when trying to access a network share on a workstation. The event log was filled with Cifs and netlogon errors.  In doing some investigation I found that this machine had a manually set DNS entry which pointed to a former DC that had been demoted. What was interesting is that...

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