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February 21, 2014  3:15 PM

MS Maps Cert Exams to Official Courseware

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, MS cert map app available, MS offers cert roadmap app

MS has offered a nice roadmap to the courses that lead to its many and various certifications to attendees at its TechEd and other company events for some time now, but only recently has made this information readily available through a Windows Store app suitable for access on any Windows 8 device...

February 21, 2014  2:55 PM

CompTIA A+ Nears “One Million Served” Milestone

Posted by: Ed Tittel
A+ cert nears one million count, IT careers, one million A+ granted by 2014

Thanks to the latest issue of the newsletter, I just learned this morning that CompTIA will issue its one millionth A+ certification some...

February 17, 2014  5:02 PM

Bringing Computer Science to Our (Elementary) Schools

Posted by: Ed Tittel
add computing to K-12 curriculum, computer science in school, computing in elementary school, IT careers, more computing K-12, programming for elementary schoolers, Small Basic in elementary school, US schools need more computer science, Web page design for elementary school

While on the way to the gas station to fill up my wife's car this morning after dropping my son off at school, I heard a fascinating story on NPR. It's from their "All Tech Considered" series of pieces, is entitled "

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February 14, 2014  4:15 PM

HP Climbs onto SDN Cert Bandwagon

Posted by: Ed Tittel
HP adds new ASE cert for SDN, HP joins ranks of SDN cert sponsors, IT careers

Last year, I wrote a blog for PearsonITCertification that proclaimed that while many cert sponsors were talking about certifications centered on Software-Defined Networking (SDN), only Brocade actually offered real, honest-to-goodness SDN certs for people to "learn and earn," as the old saying...

February 7, 2014  3:06 PM

Another lackluster month for employment in January 2014

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, more slow employment growth for Jan '14

Hey, hey: please chant along with me until you get dizzy and fall over: "Slow growth mode! Slow growth mode! Slow growth mode!" Even though the December numbers were revised upward from 74 to 75 thousand, the January numbers failed to approach the consensus forecast of 170-185,000 I heard on NPR...

February 3, 2014  2:35 PM

E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies

Posted by: Ed Tittel
huge collection of free MS reference and learning e-books, IT careers

In poking around the Born to Learn blog this morning, I discovered a TechNet page entitled "E-Book...

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January 31, 2014  4:14 PM

Where the IT Raises Are for 2014, sez ITBusinessEdge/Foote Partners

Posted by: Ed Tittel
20 certs may warrant big raises for 2014, IT careers

I love finding surveys, stats, and wish lists related to IT jobs and certifications. They're always interesting, they often have useful things to say, and there's always a catch (or two) involved in interpreting their proclamations. The ITBusinessEdge slideshow entitled "   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 29, 2014  2:43 PM

MS Offers 20% Off on MCSA Win8 … and More!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, MCSA on Win8 WinSrv12 and SQLSrv12 get exam discount plus Second Shot, MCSA Win8 gets 20% discount for both exams

Late last week, MS Learning's "Professional Flash" newsletter featured an interesting offer: 20% off on the costs of exams 70-687 and 70-688. With Microsoft exams at $150 in the USA nowadays, and similar prices elsewhere around the globe, that's a useful savings of $60 or thereabouts for the...

January 27, 2014  3:14 PM

Top IT Concerns for 2014, Courtesy of the British Computer Society (BCS)

Posted by: Ed Tittel
BCS 2014 IT trends survey, BSC 2014 IT survey shows mobile computing infosec and cloud computing on top, IT careers

Thanks to the folks at, I had a chance to peruse the "Digital Leaders Survey" for 2014 compiled by the BCS aka The Chartered Institute for IT. Based in...

January 24, 2014  2:49 PM

Cisco Revamps CCNP, Adds New Cybersecurity Specialist Cert

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers

Earlier this week, Cisco announced some changes to its information security certification lineup. They've even put together a landing page entitled "Security...

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