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June 8, 2010  7:25 PM

Job Market Ups and Downs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, IT employment, May 2010 employment situation summary, May 2010 IT employment

To me the most interesting thing about the latest Employment Situation Summary (May 2010) is that once again we're going essentially nowhere from the preceding month. Though the numbers show a solid increase in employment...

May 27, 2010  4:27 PM

Get Involved to Get a Job

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT employment, volunteer work experience counts, volunteering can provide job opportunities and contacts

It might seem countintuitive for new or pending IT graduates to read that by giving of their time, skills, and knowledge they may very get something substantial in return. Although it's unlikely that recent grads will luck into a job with the very group or organization they might choose to support...

March 3, 2010  3:20 PM

A few faint glimmers of hope, employment-wise

Posted by: Ed Tittel
2010 employment situation, IT career planning, IT careers, IT employment, March 2010 employment situation

This morning on NPR I heard two faint glimmers of hope on the employment front. First a recent study of planned layoffs by executive placement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas shows that those numbers are down to their lowest levels in four years. And second, a recent report on job losses...

January 6, 2010  6:35 PM

Jobs Outlook Picking Up But Little Improvement on the Ground

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT employment, IT employment situation, IT upturn still lies ahead, manufacturing hiring drives the job market

Recent analyst and magazine reports (Gartner and The Economist, among others) have started to see some improvements in basic market fundamentals, including manufacturing activity. As manufacturers start exhausting inventory and forecasting increased sales, they will usually depend on...

December 4, 2009  5:45 PM

November Employment Situation Finally Shows Some Positive Signs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT career planning, IT careers, IT employment, IT employment trends, November 2009 Employment Situation Summary

It's the first Friday of the month, and as usual, that means the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has posted its Employment Situation Summary for the preceding month (November 2009, in this case). And finally, finally,...

November 9, 2009  2:57 PM

Do Temp Job Upswings Lead the Permanent Job Market?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
coping with job loss, increase in temp jobs may lead employment recovery, IT employment, IT employment trends, October 2009 employment situation summary

Numerous observers of the employment scene (and the regular monthly US BLS Employment Situation Summary) noticed a potential ray of sunshine in last week's otherwise gloomy report — namely, an upswing of 34,000 temporary jobs. Some analysts view this kind of activity as a market predictor, which...

November 2, 2009  5:07 PM

GDP Up, But Employment Keeps Dropping

Posted by: Ed Tittel
coping with IT job loss, IT career planning, IT careers, IT employment, IT employment situation, IT skills development

If I understand things correctly a recession is considered to be over when a quarterly GDP report returns to positive terrritory. With a forecast return for this quarter to a positive growth rate, by some metrics that means the recession is over. But that probably explains why includes...

October 2, 2009  5:28 PM

Looking for work with the Feds? Think “Security Clearance!”

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IT careers, IT employment, US Federal Security Clearance, US Military Security Clearance

Let me start today's blog with an upfront disclaimer: though obtaining a security clearance may sound like a good idea to anybody considering some kind of civilian position with the US government, you can't get one on your own. Obtaining a security clearance requires the active consent and...

August 7, 2009  2:51 PM

The July 2009 Employment Situation Finally Posts

Posted by: Ed Tittel
coping with job loss, IT employment, IT employment indicators, IT employment situations, IT employment trends, July 2007 Employment Situation

The markets and their followers have been abuzz with anticipation of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Summary for July 2009, which just hit the Web and the newswires at 8:30 AM EDT this morning....

May 27, 2009  3:58 PM

Who’s Laying Off Right Now?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Career planning, coping with job loss, IT 2009 employment outlook, IT career planning, IT employment

To try to get a sense of who's still letting people go in IT, I turned to the Employment Spectator's IT news items and to an old favorite, the

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